Tuesday, May 31, 2011

welcoming summer! and a selfish sewing session wrap up!

we had some lovely weather this evening and decided to welcome summer in true fashion {at the park}.  little miss had the whole playground to herself, she played on the swings, slide, ran around in the grass, watched some fishies, and of course modeled for mommy and my new creations from my {selfish sewing session}

enjoy!  we sure did!

love this new bow tie inspired headband and fabric beaded necklace.. presley jane loves!

she looks so old...

and.. bow tie clippies

I have been obsessing over fabric covered buttons, so I managed to use some of my very loved scraps and make up some adorable little earrings!!  I heart them much! lots of different sizes and colors...

I tried out a pattern for my bloggie bff raechel , she's amazingly talented and actually created this pattern.  I enjoyed sewing this little romper for pj and I love how it shows off her baby chub... yum

these bow tie clippies are just the cutest thing ever... I am able to use up my beloved scraps and make lots of different colors and prints.  we may have to make up several of these because miss prefers clippies to headbands!

welcome summer, good to see you again!!

Oh, and in case your wondering, I did not shoot in green square today.  Nope, I adjusted my f/stop and feel like I did pretty well with it, maybe even go so far as to say, getting the hang of adjusting it!  we'll see, fingers crossed!

and to wrap up my selfish sewing session, let's recap on all that I was able to accomplish. 
{I like lists, mm'kay}
1.  bubble romper
2.  button covered earrings and necklaces
3.  ruffly camera straps
4.  fabric beaded necklace
5.  bow tie accessories {by accident but maybe my fave of the weekend}
and I am in the process of making myself a necklace, some more earrings, and a TON more bow tie accessories...

next week, going to start cutting my quilt out {eek.. scary}  I mean I have enjoyed staring at my lovely joel dewberry fabric stash and I always feel a lot of pressure cutting it up, but I am sure that very soon it will look lovely again.  I will keep you posted.  wish me luck on my first ever quilt, mm'kay, thanks so much!

ok, until next time friends...


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