Monday, May 2, 2011

Gleek- n. A fan of the TV show Glee

who's with me here??  I know there are some fellow gleek-ers out there {yes I just made that word up}.  whether you do or do not watch Glee, here's the skinny... the last episode was well.. amazing to say the least.  the glee club did a number to Lady Gaga's "born this way"  while that was fun in itself, it was the underlying meaning that I especially enjoyed.  The assignment to each student involved thinking up a word they do not like about themselves or wish they could change and then said word was put on a Tshirt, and they wore it when they performed... 

                                                                { photo credit }

well, with busy bachelorette planning going on last week, {maid of honor here} I decided to take cue from the Glee Club and do my own shirts for the party goers.  I loved asking them, what one thing would you change about yourself if you could?? and loved even more that my friends had no idea that it would be going on a Tshirt {sneaky I know}.

I made the shirts using this totally awesome tutorial found here {I wish I could say I was creative enough to come up with this brilliant crafting, but can't, so I borrowed instead}.  It only took one evening and little {ok, a lot} of help from my friend Heidi, and voila... our very own glee club Tshirts....

here's mine... baby phat. you know that weight you just can't seem to lose after having a baby.. well, I wish I could get rid of that mm'kay...  what would your word be????

the bachelorette party was a huge success and my soon to be sister had way too  much fun as we all did.. can't wait for the wedding in 2 weeks.. {yay}

and I'm out.. until next time!!




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