Monday, May 23, 2011

a heavy heart for Joplin, Missouri

last night, after hearing of the "absolute distruction" that had occurred in Joplin, Missouri, I immediately got on my phone and texted one of my best friends from nursing school who was employed at St. John's hospital, the hospital that took the tornado's direct hit.  my husband too, was immediately on his phone, calling his friend, also employed at st. johns.  thankfully, our friends were safe, and neither of them were at work when the tornado hit, but both were on their way to help out. 

my heart was heavy, I was feeling conflicted.  St. John's, not only an amazing hospital, filled with employees I happened to know, was also a place where I spent a lot of time in nursing school.  I felt a calling to help, so off we went, a team of 4 nurses and my brave husband.

I am just shocked by this devastation.  I can't believe, a place I once frequented, was now no longer.  Joplin proved its sense of community, as evidenced by the amazing volunteers and medical staff that were available to help. 

the very next morning, again, Joplin was hit with another storm with possible "rotation" and we found ourselves in the basement of the make-shift triage center.  and the storms continue, making search and rescue difficult.

please keep Joplin in your prayers.. please pray that those who are lost or missing, are soon found and reunited with their loved ones, that those who are wounded or injured will have a speedy recovery, that those who lost their homes and belongings will have the strength to rebuild, that those who lost their loved ones will be reunited someday at the gates of heaven, that those firemen and police officers are safe and are successful in their search and rescue efforts, that those doctors, nurses and medical personnel can have level heads and steady hands and provide the best care possible to their patients, and for those who lost their lives due to this tragedy, may they rest in peace.

tree completely uprooted

direct path of the tornado



what was left of home depot, {rangeline}

apartment complexes, gone

all that was left of a burger king

after coming home, I feel blessed to have those things that may be taken for granted. my home. my possessions, my family and friends accounted for, even my hospital intact and functional, and most of all, my baby and being able to kiss her good night tonight.

please continue to pray for all those affected by the destructive tornado's over the weekend, and please keep Reading, Kansas in your prayers as they too were devastated with severe weather.
god bless!



  1. Anonymous23.5.11

    those pictures gave me goosebumps... im glad your okay, i saw the videos on tv, these storms this year are insane, no one can get a break.. its just been floody here, not as bad as mississippi area.. but still it sucks.

  2. unbelievable. so glad you were able to go and help.



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