Sunday, May 29, 2011

window shopping...

I heart etsy... {have I mentioned that before??}  sometimes, when I can't sleep, I find myself "window shopping" on etsy.  I love supporting my fellow handmade stores. 

 here is my top 5 picks on etsy right this minute. beware, by reading the rest of this post, you may have the strong urge to get on your computer, pull out your credit card and start shopping... not responsible for purchases... {just kidding, well, kind of kidding}

so, I have a slight fabric obsession... if it's pretty, I buy it, and will figure out what to do with it later.  and until I figure out what I will use it for, I like to just look at it in my stash... Im swooning over this new anna maria horner- loulouthi {love} I can always count on my fave fabric store mimi's to have exactly what I want.  I see fall dresses with this... 
I love this store the wheatfield, I think I could fill my house with all of her prints.

I heart this little frame, I am so into bunting {attempt to make my own, coming very soon}. this lovely little shop is chalk full of fun and creative frames!!

this shop, tookies, is full of yummy greatness and prettiness. my fave here, the jar cakes, ready to eat and packaged so darned cute... one for me, and one for every friend's birthday too...   I think so! 
and lastly, I just love this vintage looking necklace from tamar, I so badly want one of her peices but am having the hardest time deciding on which one.. oh, and she has a kids store too. so you and your little can match, GENIUS... this store makes me happy.

happy sunday friends, and happy shopping too!! 

what are your fave etsy stores?? what's on your wish list??

{oh and one more thing.  I can't wait to share what all I have been up to this weekend... it's been a selfish sewing session all weekend long!!  lots of new projects!!}



  1. this is so fabulous!! thank you for sharing my tookies ")

  2. Liz, I just love your blog, and thanks a million for including a link to my etsy shop.
    You have a wonderful family, enjoyed reading your blog.



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