Wednesday, May 11, 2011

april showers... bring may {flowered dresses}

ok friends... a few things I'm loving right now.  one-that peachy, neutral color that is going around in blouses and pumps. {love} two-navy blue and turquoise together. three-floral prints... are you with me? I hope so because I just finished 2 new designs and well, I love them and hope you will too...

I came across this trim and lace and voila.. a vision! with a mixture of the three things I'm loving right now.
it's funny how my mind works when an idea starts brewing, because it won't turn off again until everything is all planned out, from colors, style, name, to photo shoot.  {a little neurotic?} I can't help it, mm'kay?

I fell in love with this floral print and really wanted to bring out the fushcia pink and that peachy color...

and I loved the blues in this print and the pleated trim...

I just loved this contrasting serging of white on the pink... yes, sometimes I get just as excited about the inside of the get-up as the outside..

my favorite part of designing lovelies is admiring the finished product. I always find a hanger and the nearest spot to hang it up, then I step back and take a good look.. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but in this case, I think they turned out nice.

I can't wait to send these dresses to the most adorbsy littles, pics to come soon {real pictures, from an actual photographer}. I'm super excited for the shoot and even more excited for what's to come with these dresses... {hint, hint, giveaway perhaps}

oh, and I almost forgot, here is a little peak.

after this crazy week, the etsy store will reopen and you will find these lovelies ready for good homes.

so, what do you think?? you like??


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  1. E, these are great!! Love the pink floral! So girly and springy! And the tuxedo finishes on top? Right on!!



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