Monday, September 12, 2011


wrapping up summer around here has proved busy for my little family.  I took a little break from my lap top {and my camera, oops}, which meant lack of blogging, etsy still on vacation, haven't even been checking my facebook lately.  It was by accident at first, and then I realized, I was really enjoying the extra time with my little.

we have been running like crazy.  the mister and I actually vacationed, alone!  it was nice and much needed.  the little one started gymnastics, {may I add she is the cutest little thing in her diaper butted leotard, yumm} the hubbs is playing softball, my brother and sister have started their sports, birthday parties, play dates, and I want to do it all, but I just can't.

I started my little handmade obsession, as just that, an obsession, never did I think it would keep me as busy as it has.  and I am so grateful for the path it took me on.  when I started the pink jellybean, my daughter was only 6 months old, was napping twice a day, enjoyed still in a swing or bounce chair, now not so much.  as a matter of face, she never stops moving and is trying to give up a nap some days {not cool}.  which limits my time.

I am at a cross roads, and have a lot to think about...  what to do from here? I still want to blog and sew and design, but I am at a point where I can not dedicate as much time to it as I once did!  for now, I plan to limit the amount of custom orders I take per month and see where that takes me. 


anyone else have handmade biz's? full time bloggers? how do you do it all??  do you have kids? how old are they?  I am really feeling guilty that I worked so hard to get it all out there and then decided whoa! too much!  talk to me peeps? 


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

must.haves for fall...

the weather here is AMAZING... I am ready for tights and boots and pumpkin spice latte's

ready for football and pumpkin decorating and cider fest...

but what needs some help first.

my wardwrobe!

fall must.haves ~ skinny jeans with brown tall boots
and several fun scarves

must.have socks under boots
love this look!

must.have wide leg jeans
and a pair of Toms

must.have fun oversized sweatshirts
I love how these can be dressed up or worn casual and have seen cute one's everywhere!
must.have black ankle boots
 I am loving all the styles that are showing up this fall... with a few updates to my wardwrobe, I will be stylin' in no time... thanks to my stylin pinterest board for all of this lovely inspiration
now, I guess I need to go shopping

what's your favorite things about fall? 

Friday, September 2, 2011

to 30 years

Happy Birthday

my protector

the love of my life

my best friend

the father of my beautiful baby

thanks for being born because I couldn't have done all of this without you!  to many more years!

I love you!



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