Sunday, April 15, 2012

breaking the silence....

6 months...
6 months since,
not only my last post,
but my last time even logging on to
this little ole' bloggie

let me explain what's been going on in our little neck of the world.  {the quick version}

sold our house. tried to find another house in our hometown. no luck. decided what the heck, let's just build our own house.  moved in with some friends. bless them. a new job. a few holidays, some new friends. a ton of decisions made. and a mere 5 months later and our house is finally DONE!  however, still waiting on some paperwork and to sign on the bottom line before moving in... sooooo close!

what that boils down to... I have had absolutely NO space to sew, create, or anything of the like due to lack of space.  my previous sewing room is in 4 large boxes at my mom's house as we speak.  SOON... I will be unpacking my little creative boxes and will have TONS of space for my creative needs.

I have not decided how much creating I am ready for but miss my sewing machine and my pretty fabrics.  I have TONS of little lovelies I want to make for my daugther and miss my blogging... with that being said... I would like to hope that I'M BACK!

so much to share from the last 6 months as well as some exciting stuff coming up for the fam... but for now Ciao! my friends!



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