Thursday, February 28, 2013

wait for it... more SNOW

Just chillin' here in Kansas!! Literally!

On nothing else but our Snow Couch...

I mean what else does one do with 2 feet of snow on the ground??


Monday, February 25, 2013

Snowed in...

I have been a mid-western girl my entire life.
However, in my 20 some years, I do not remember getting this much snow.
And I think I may have mentioned a few hundred several times,
that I strongly dislike snow period!

After a whopping 10 inches and just now getting the roads cleared, my little town is preparing for yet more snow!
Only this time they are saying 12 inches plus.

So, what does one do when they are snowed in?

You get together with your neighbors and drink adult beverages and let your kids play,
OK and maybe the adults too!!

We made snow tunnels, and igloos, and climbed snow mountains, and made snow angels. I the kids, had so much fun, but after being frozen like a Popsicle, were ready to come inside by the fire and thaw out.

Presley, and her best friends, all so cute in their footed Jammie's.

Another neighbor, shared the recipe with us for snow ice cream, and we had to give it a try!

5 cups clean snow
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 cup milk

As fun as it was, I am done!  Let's hope this next storm is the last one!

Ready for spring!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

A letter from the Dog

Hi there friends.

I am Shandy the new dog around here, and my momma asked me to write a post today.
At first I laughed at her.  Really, mom?  Dog's cant type!  She explained that she would do the typing, so I agreed.  She wanted me to tell you all about my adjustment to my new home and the like.

So here goes!

When I first arrived here at my new home, I was a little nervous.  I mean they put me in a dark box and tied a big ribbon around it.  I was thinking, OK, what kind of sick joke is this?  Then this little, tiny person opened the box and squeezed me so hard I could barely breath.  There were people and camera flashes everywhere.  I mean I know I am cute, but didn't know the paparazzi would welcome me at my arrival.

I am definitely getting used to the camera now though.  My momma always has her camera in my face or that other little person's face.  I have learned to pose and think my right side is always the best side for me. 

I have a little brother.  He's old and likes to lay around all the time.  Not me though, no way.  I like to try and get him wound up.  I also love to find anything I can to chew on.  A bone, the carpet, the wall, a shoe, undies.  What?  Is that frowned upon? 

Recently, I was able to experience snow for the first time.  With all my long golden locks, I get hot flashes a lot.  So to be outside rolling in the snow was the best day of my life!  My dad and that little person built a person of snow outside.  They were so proud of this ugly thing and I just wanted to knock it over, but my dad told me I couldn't because that little thing would cry.  My little brother Murphy, explained 2 rules to me when I first got here.

1.  Never ever ever bite the little person.
2.  Never ever make the little person cry.

I do my best to oblige by these rules, but sometimes it's tough.  I won't lie!  That little person likes to squeeze me really hard.  I think its called a hug, but dang, trying to resist the urge to chew on those little hands is hard work.  I do my best!

Last week, I had to go to the vet!  Apparently my momma and daddy don't want me having any puppies so I had to have surgery.  It wasn't all bad.  I had a nice little nap and they gave me some good pain medicine.  But, I woke up with a terrible hair cut!  Because I have such thick beautiful hair, they couldn't get my IV in, so they shaved my leg.  Now to a human, sure that doesn't sound all bad, but to a golden doodle, it's not good.  I was so embarrassed about my hair cut I tried to hide my leg when I got home.  My parent's still love me, but I am hoping it grows out pretty quick because there is a hot golden up the road in my neighborhood and he sometimes visits me on the other side of my fence and I definitely don't want him to see me like this!

Sure, I miss my brother's and sisters and my other momma, but for the most part, life here is good!  They feed me and water me and make me ring some silly bells when I need to go outside to relieve myself, but I'd like to say that I am fitting in well. 

My parents say that I am getting huge, and I don't know how to take that.  What does 42 pounds mean?  I still feel like a little baby, I mean I am only 6 months old, and I get confused when they don't like to me sit on their lap.  They tell me I am too big.  I just don't get it!

Besides ringing bells to go outside, I have learned some tricks that are really pretty easy, but man it gets my family so excited when I do it and most of the time earns me a treat.  So I play along. I sit, shake, lay down, drop it.  Anything to get these people excited.

My mom thinks it would be a good idea if from time to time I stopped in here at her blog, I think she called it and tell you all about how I am doing.  I think she is a little crazy but SHH.. don't tell her that!  So, I guess I will be back soon to tell you more about my life here!

A shout out to all my brother's and sisters and to Amber my first human mother.

Until next time doggy dogg's!!


Friday, February 22, 2013

check us out...

I am so pleased to announce that the shop was chosen to be a part of Gussy's
2013 Mama+Baby Gift Guide

To be among such adorable shops is truly an honor.  Not to mention to be on Gussy's blog!
Needless to say, we are excited to take part!

See that?? There we are!

If you haven't all ready, head on over here, and of course peak at your's truly, but also get to know these other fabulous shops!  I mean when Gussy does it up, she does it up right!  And these shops are like the bee's knees when it comes to babies and new momma's!  For real's!

I have a major crush on this shop Baby be Blessed.  And may just have to purchase this for my little lady!

I can tell you which shop would be PJ's top pick.  Chameleon Girls features princess dresses and they are perfection!  With a little girl that wants to dress like a princess every day, she would love to have any one of these, but would definitely pick this one to wear on a daily basis!

I am in love with this little shop.  She takes your baby's name and designs it to a perfect little print for your nursery.  If the stork ever decides to drop off baby number 2, I hope it comes with one of these.

Ok, talk about baby fever... Little Hip Squeaks is sure to give it to you.  If you are avoiding the fever, then do NOT click on this link.  Such modern prints, and clean lines... A favorite!

Some more of my favorites, these birth annoucements, this sling, or this pacifier clip...

O.M.Gee, I need to get busy working on baby number 2 so I can partake in the shopping spree!

Head on over, check out the gift guide. 


Thursday, February 21, 2013

better late than never

I had every intention of participating and posting this when it should have been posted.  Yes, Valentines Day!  But I never got around to it!  I almost threw it in my virtual trash can, except that I thought, what the hey, this is my space and I'll do what I want, m'kay?

So let's pretend like it's still Valentine's Day, I mean I do still have some chocolate stragglers around the house.  This was too fun a linky not to participate. 

The Life of a Not so Ordinary Wife hosted this linky party, "How well does your spouse know you?" 
So I thought the hubbs deserved this challenge! 

How long have you been married?
Me | 5 1/2 years
Him | 5 years

Where was your first date?
Me |  Hunan House  A hole in the wall chinese restaurant in our college town.  He taught me how to eat crab legs. 

Him | Hunan

Where was your first kiss?
Me | Kelli's mom's house
Him | Summerfield Pool

Who first said, "I love you"?
Me | I am honestly not sure.  I want to say it was a mutual thing.  The night you asked me to be your girlfriend
Him | me

What were your wedding colors?
Me | gold, chocolate brown, fall colors
Him | chocolate and pink  {hmmm???}

What is her most commonly used phrase?
Me | Really?
Him | Really?

Who is her celebrity crush?
Me | hmm... Channing? Tony G?
Him | Team Jacob 

If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get?
Me | Bud Light Bottles
Him | Bud Light Bottles

What is the best meal she has ever cooked you?
Me | Spinach stuffed chicken breasts
Him | all of them

What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?
Me | I often cook frozen pizza and macaroni... I'll say that!
Him | nothing terrible. all is good

What is the most-played song on her iPod?
Me | probably something by Muse
Him | anything Muse

What would she say is your most annoying habit?
Me | Sneezing!  very loud!
Him | "my temper"

What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?
Me | gets a drink and "doesn't take one drink!"
Him | brushes teeth

If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be?
Me |  I honestly have no idea!
Him | not sure

What would you say is your favorite thing about her?
Me | my hot bod and brilliant personality!  HA
Him | her compassion and her strong passion for her family

What's her go-to drink at Starbucks?
Me | pumpkin spice latte
Him | pumpkin spice latte

What's her blog's name?!
Me | Pocket Full of Lovelies
Him | Pocket Full of Lovelies

Not too bad there!  This made me smile!

Linking up here today!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

since there is still a little chocolate...

We will continue to celebrate Valentines Day.  And excuse the lack of posts lately!  I am a slacker due to the chocolate induced coma I have been in.

I love my daughter's enthusiasm with each holiday.  Christmas was a blast because she was so excited and animated, and such a trooper on New Year's Eve- she actually made it until midnight.  Now, Valentine's day, I think she has declared as by far her most favorite holiday because of all of the chocolate.  My girl loves her some chocolate!  I tried not to stock up on too much because when it's in the house, I have no self control and I am always willing to assist in getting rid of it.

With that being said, there are just a few sweets left and I was actually excited because, as I have mentioned previously, I am trying to eat better and exercise, but with this blessed chocolate staring at me I struggle.  My excitement fizzled when I walked into the store yesterday and saw that where there once was Valentines candy is now replaced with Easter candy.  O.M. Gee!  I give up all ready!  I am a prisoner of chocolate! 

We definitely did more celebrating than just the obligatory chocolate eating.  The school party at Presley's school was fantastic and the kids had so much fun.  The hubbs and I actually got out alone and ate at our favorite restaurant RA.  In my opinion, the best sushi in Kansas City.  It was so nice to enjoy some adult conversation without any 3 year old interruptions. 

All in all a successful Valentines! 


There you have it sweetie's!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


We decided to take advantage of Valentine's Day by having some craft time.
Presley picked out these little Valentines when she was nosing around on my Pinterest.
Yes, she's 3!  Yes, she knows how to get on my Pinterest App on my phone and "look at pretty pictures."

When she saw these little monster pencils, she immediately wanted to get some.
I had to explain to her that you could not just buy these little guys, but she insisted that she "just loved them!"

Luckily for me, Target had the pencils that we would need to complete this craft, so we went with it.
And I have to admit, we had a lot of fun in doing so!

First, you'll need to score these sweet little heart pencils from the one and only Target's $1.00 section, if there are any left. I bought the last 2 at my Target.  If you see some, grab them up for next year.  You need an assortment of pom pom balls, the more sizes and colors the better, as well as some googly eyes.  I found a package of pom poms, eyes, and pipe cleaners at Michael's for like 4.00 or something like that.  Then you have to go stop by this awesome blog, and read her tutorial as well as print the pencil flags that she made for you!  And thanks to The 36th AVENUE for thinking up this little Valentine and sharing with the world for people like me to use!  And the last thing you'll need is a very special little helper.  See mine above!


Go ahead and hot glue your pom poms to the top of your pencils.  We removed the erasers just like this tutorial told us to.  Presley suggested we give the monsters ears, and I thought it was a perfect idea.  So each monster got a set of eyes and ears.  She really wanted to give them mouths, but they looked scary with mouths.  We decided to skip that for now!

She enjoyed seeing each one as they were finished.  She of course had to name each of them, and pick out her favorites, and claim which ones would be hers. 

We {ok I} signed each of the flags and attached them to their color matching pencils.  Glued those babies on and voila!  I was feeling pretty good!  Until, my daughter says, what about my teacher's?  Do they get a Valentine?  Well crap!  Are we supposed to give teacher gifts for this holiday?  I decided I could whip something up quick.  Ha!  This did not turn out to be quick, but I do think it turned out cute!

Part 2 of Valentine making turned into Teacher clipboard making.  Coincidentally, I had 2 plain clip boards laying around the house for another project.  Found some color coordinating scrap book paper, and modge podged said paper onto clipboards.  {did I mention how much I love modge podge?  It's because I don't!}  We {ok I had lost my little helper at this point to an episode of Max and Ruby} I used a heart from the free printable provided by The 36th AVENUE and modge podged that little baby on, hot-glued some of the pom poms to the top of the clip board along with some googly eyes.  I then attached an extra pencil to the board and YES!  Finally done and loving how cute they turned out!

There you have it!  Our monster-eyed valentines for Presley's preschool class! 

Happy Valentines Day you little love birds!! 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A new me + frest start

In the busy that is life...
I have done a bad thing!

I have let myself go.
When most of my attention is focused on a 3 year old, keeping a clean house, making dinner, going to work, and actually finding some time to do those things that I like to do like blogging and sewing, it seems there just isn't much time left to do those things that I should be doing.

Like eating well and exercising.
I look in the mirror and well, let's just say there's some work to be done.

Yesterday, I started day one of what I hope will become more of a lifestyle and not a diet.
More of a way of life and not just an exercise program.

My major motivator would have to be my husband.  He had his A-Ha moment a few months ago, and he has been working out and eating right, and I am so proud of him and the 16 lbs. he has lost.  16!

So here I go, wish me luck!

Want to join in the fun?  {or lack there of as it hurts to type this post}

Start here and read all about her fitness plan.
She includes work-out plans, approved foods to eat, recipes, supplements..
All though I am skipping on the supplements, but trying to follow most everything else.

Wish me luck, and keep me accountable!
Here I go to try and get through day 2!



Monday, February 11, 2013

A letter to the so-called police officer...

Dear so-called police officer-

Thank you very much for pointing out that my driving skills {or lack there of from your perspective}, are because I am a woman and I am on my cell phone.  As you were screaming at me, and I decided to roll down my window to hear what you had to say {which I was reprimanded for by the hubbs, I admit it was probably not the best move on my part}, I would like to thank you for exposing my daughter to your thoughtless words and the name calling that you shouted. 

I would also like to thank you for reciting the law and claiming to be a police officer.  Both of which I do believe must be incorrect as the "law" you stated is in fact not valid at least in the state I live in, neither is your ability to produce a badge to prove your police stature. 

Further more, if you were indeed a "police officer,"  I would hope that when you pull a woman and her child over that you would never call that person a " f*%$ing b#$@h ", in front of her children.

The so-called " f$%^ing b%#&*h "  {his words not mine!}

I stewed on this occurrence all afternoon. I was mad, upset, appalled. Why are some people just plain mean. I did not hit his car, nobody was injured. Yet feeling the need to scream at a complete stranger is beyond me. I hope this gentleman, took a deep breath and cooled off. And I hope that no one else caught him in one of his moments today. 

{sigh}  What a beautiful Monday!  Hope yours was better than mine!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Photo loves

One of the sweetest parts of including newborn photography props in my shop, is seeing the amazing work these photographers do with them.  {talk about baby fever}
Every time I receive a product photo from a photographer, my heart melts.
Could anything be better than a sweet, snuggly newborn?  And to be able to capture that very short little phase and put it in a picture frame, well, it warms my heart!

This photo from willow brandt photography is just adorbs!  Right? I know...  This little peanut is absolute perfection.  This pink ruffle wrap is one of my favorite products we carry.  Besides that it looks so sweet in photos, is that its easy to use.  No swaddling, none, zero, zilch!  This wrap just slides right on baby and because it is stretchy, still provides the swaddled look.  If you are a photographer, this little baby {ok not the baby, the ruffle wrap} would be a perfect addition to your props!  And if you're a momma looking for those props for your little bundle's newborn photos, your photographer will love when you show up with this! 

I am particularly crazy about this little guy and not going to lie, get a little pang of baby fever with this one!  Antisdels Photography did this little sesh using our teal polka-dot necktie and light blue cheese cloth.  I just adore the way they layered this little fella's tie over his cheese cloth swaddle. Cheese cloth really allows for a nice swaddle, and when you are trying to get a newborn to sleep for photos, swaddling can help speed up the falling to sleep process, not to mention provide you with photos that you will love.  With a wide variety of fun and vibrant colors, every photographer needs several of these!  {and oh hey, swaddling tutorial in the near future!}

Umm.. check out those sweet cheeks will you?  And that hair?  Too.sweet!  This photo provided by Life: by the French's Photography features one of our sweet and shabby little headbands.  With a variety of styles and different elastics, these accessories are the perfect size for those little princesses! 


Ok, one more from willow brandt photography.  Did you know that we offer photography sets like this coral headband and cheese cloth set?  For a reduced price you can purchase an accessory and a stretch wrap or cheese cloth.  One of my favorite things to do when I assist with newborn photos, is to pick out accessories and back drops and colors.  I love to mix colors and textures! Which has been such a fun process with this shop.  Being able to pick out sets to offer for you! 

If you haven't all ready, check out Pocket Full of Lovelies {the shop}, if nothing else for some of the sweetest newborn photos you will find! 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lessons learned in painting

Let me preface this post with this... I hate strongly dislike painting!
As I think I have mentioned a few hundred a couple of times, my husband and I are in the process of creating my craft room!  YAY! 
However, with this, has come a lot of work.  Like seriously, I couldn't lift my forearms Sunday from all the paint rolling that ensued over the weekend.
And the best part about doing things cheap and on a budget, and the fact that everything I am painting is laminate, means I get to do 2 sometimes even 3 coats of blessed paint.  Hoo-ray... NOT!
My paint friend, {always a nice friend to have}, recommended that I use oil based paint on the furniture.  Great, he is the expert and oil based paint is what I bought.
What that expert advice failed to mention is how to remove said paint.
Picture this!
I take the princess to pre-school and get home and put on my old paint clothes, so excited at the fact that I had approximate 2 and 1/2 hours to.myself to work on my room.  I painted my bum off.  I also managed to get paint all over myself.  Up my arms, in my hair, even on my nose.. how in the?

I was pushing it close, trying to use up all the paint in my little tray before picking up Presley, about 20 minutes until I had to rush out the door, I decided to clean up.  I put the paint brushes in the tub, ran some water over them, used my hands to clean them up, and I realized at that moment that I had failed miserably with clean up.  Not only was the paint not coming out of my brushes, but was now covering my hands and was not coming off with water! Kind of resembled oil and water.. hmm how about that!

So... I tried to google how to remove oil based paint, only to find that proved difficult with paint all over my hands... In a panic, I grabbed a towel and tried to wipe off as much as possible.  Lucky for me, I had to jump in my car and drive like mad to pick up PJ, yep, covered in paint.  Yes, it was still on my nose.  Good times, friends!

By the time I got home, the paint on my hands was dry and I was able to ask google what in the heck I was supposed to do to look like a normal person again.  In case you ever get stuck in a pickle like I did, just know that baby oil, olive oil, even canola oil will remove oil based paint.  It will take a little work, but it will remove it!

And because I am terrible at keeping secrets... how about a little sneak peak??  Ok, ok you twisted my arm!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentines Day Pinspiration

After dropping off Presley at school a few mornings ago,
the teacher asked me if I could organize the Valentines Day party for PJ's preschool class.

Of course, I'd love to!

And if you know me at all, then you know my mind immeidately starting fleeting to all of the cutesy things I have been seeing lately all over the web.
And I got really excited, Oh we could do {fill in the blank} and yes, they would love {fill in the blank}.  And then I remembered that I am talking about 3 year olds here and a party that is a mere 45 minutes.

Keep it simple!  Right? Right!

However, in my internet browing frenzy, I found some adorable essentials for Valentine's Party throwing.


drink straw flags = perfection

And whats a party without Sugar!



Enjoy your party plannin you little love bugs!


Monday, February 4, 2013

And the lucky ducky is...

*number generated through

Hit me up Eliza!!  Holler!

And a little som'n som'n for the rest of y'all...

Cali from CalisCases is offering Pocket Full of Lovelies readers
10 % off her custom cases for the remainder of the month...
Just use the code Lovelies

How fun is that?  Head on over there and get you one! or two?
And have a great start to your week!



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