Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lessons learned in painting

Let me preface this post with this... I hate strongly dislike painting!
As I think I have mentioned a few hundred a couple of times, my husband and I are in the process of creating my craft room!  YAY! 
However, with this, has come a lot of work.  Like seriously, I couldn't lift my forearms Sunday from all the paint rolling that ensued over the weekend.
And the best part about doing things cheap and on a budget, and the fact that everything I am painting is laminate, means I get to do 2 sometimes even 3 coats of blessed paint.  Hoo-ray... NOT!
My paint friend, {always a nice friend to have}, recommended that I use oil based paint on the furniture.  Great, he is the expert and oil based paint is what I bought.
What that expert advice failed to mention is how to remove said paint.
Picture this!
I take the princess to pre-school and get home and put on my old paint clothes, so excited at the fact that I had approximate 2 and 1/2 hours to.myself to work on my room.  I painted my bum off.  I also managed to get paint all over myself.  Up my arms, in my hair, even on my nose.. how in the?

I was pushing it close, trying to use up all the paint in my little tray before picking up Presley, about 20 minutes until I had to rush out the door, I decided to clean up.  I put the paint brushes in the tub, ran some water over them, used my hands to clean them up, and I realized at that moment that I had failed miserably with clean up.  Not only was the paint not coming out of my brushes, but was now covering my hands and was not coming off with water! Kind of resembled oil and water.. hmm how about that!

So... I tried to google how to remove oil based paint, only to find that proved difficult with paint all over my hands... In a panic, I grabbed a towel and tried to wipe off as much as possible.  Lucky for me, I had to jump in my car and drive like mad to pick up PJ, yep, covered in paint.  Yes, it was still on my nose.  Good times, friends!

By the time I got home, the paint on my hands was dry and I was able to ask google what in the heck I was supposed to do to look like a normal person again.  In case you ever get stuck in a pickle like I did, just know that baby oil, olive oil, even canola oil will remove oil based paint.  It will take a little work, but it will remove it!

And because I am terrible at keeping secrets... how about a little sneak peak??  Ok, ok you twisted my arm!!


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  1. I love it!!! I am excited to see what awesome things come out from here!



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