Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A new me + frest start

In the busy that is life...
I have done a bad thing!

I have let myself go.
When most of my attention is focused on a 3 year old, keeping a clean house, making dinner, going to work, and actually finding some time to do those things that I like to do like blogging and sewing, it seems there just isn't much time left to do those things that I should be doing.

Like eating well and exercising.
I look in the mirror and well, let's just say there's some work to be done.

Yesterday, I started day one of what I hope will become more of a lifestyle and not a diet.
More of a way of life and not just an exercise program.

My major motivator would have to be my husband.  He had his A-Ha moment a few months ago, and he has been working out and eating right, and I am so proud of him and the 16 lbs. he has lost.  16!

So here I go, wish me luck!

Want to join in the fun?  {or lack there of as it hurts to type this post}

Start here and read all about her fitness plan.
She includes work-out plans, approved foods to eat, recipes, supplements..
All though I am skipping on the supplements, but trying to follow most everything else.

Wish me luck, and keep me accountable!
Here I go to try and get through day 2!




  1. No better time to start then lent!

  2. Hey, how is your training going?



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