Thursday, February 14, 2013


We decided to take advantage of Valentine's Day by having some craft time.
Presley picked out these little Valentines when she was nosing around on my Pinterest.
Yes, she's 3!  Yes, she knows how to get on my Pinterest App on my phone and "look at pretty pictures."

When she saw these little monster pencils, she immediately wanted to get some.
I had to explain to her that you could not just buy these little guys, but she insisted that she "just loved them!"

Luckily for me, Target had the pencils that we would need to complete this craft, so we went with it.
And I have to admit, we had a lot of fun in doing so!

First, you'll need to score these sweet little heart pencils from the one and only Target's $1.00 section, if there are any left. I bought the last 2 at my Target.  If you see some, grab them up for next year.  You need an assortment of pom pom balls, the more sizes and colors the better, as well as some googly eyes.  I found a package of pom poms, eyes, and pipe cleaners at Michael's for like 4.00 or something like that.  Then you have to go stop by this awesome blog, and read her tutorial as well as print the pencil flags that she made for you!  And thanks to The 36th AVENUE for thinking up this little Valentine and sharing with the world for people like me to use!  And the last thing you'll need is a very special little helper.  See mine above!


Go ahead and hot glue your pom poms to the top of your pencils.  We removed the erasers just like this tutorial told us to.  Presley suggested we give the monsters ears, and I thought it was a perfect idea.  So each monster got a set of eyes and ears.  She really wanted to give them mouths, but they looked scary with mouths.  We decided to skip that for now!

She enjoyed seeing each one as they were finished.  She of course had to name each of them, and pick out her favorites, and claim which ones would be hers. 

We {ok I} signed each of the flags and attached them to their color matching pencils.  Glued those babies on and voila!  I was feeling pretty good!  Until, my daughter says, what about my teacher's?  Do they get a Valentine?  Well crap!  Are we supposed to give teacher gifts for this holiday?  I decided I could whip something up quick.  Ha!  This did not turn out to be quick, but I do think it turned out cute!

Part 2 of Valentine making turned into Teacher clipboard making.  Coincidentally, I had 2 plain clip boards laying around the house for another project.  Found some color coordinating scrap book paper, and modge podged said paper onto clipboards.  {did I mention how much I love modge podge?  It's because I don't!}  We {ok I had lost my little helper at this point to an episode of Max and Ruby} I used a heart from the free printable provided by The 36th AVENUE and modge podged that little baby on, hot-glued some of the pom poms to the top of the clip board along with some googly eyes.  I then attached an extra pencil to the board and YES!  Finally done and loving how cute they turned out!

There you have it!  Our monster-eyed valentines for Presley's preschool class! 

Happy Valentines Day you little love birds!! 



  1. Cute! I love the idea of a "home-made" valentine!

  2. I've got a serious weakness for the dollar bin at target. Lord give me strength.
    Looks like you guys had a great valentine's day. :-)



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