Saturday, February 23, 2013

A letter from the Dog

Hi there friends.

I am Shandy the new dog around here, and my momma asked me to write a post today.
At first I laughed at her.  Really, mom?  Dog's cant type!  She explained that she would do the typing, so I agreed.  She wanted me to tell you all about my adjustment to my new home and the like.

So here goes!

When I first arrived here at my new home, I was a little nervous.  I mean they put me in a dark box and tied a big ribbon around it.  I was thinking, OK, what kind of sick joke is this?  Then this little, tiny person opened the box and squeezed me so hard I could barely breath.  There were people and camera flashes everywhere.  I mean I know I am cute, but didn't know the paparazzi would welcome me at my arrival.

I am definitely getting used to the camera now though.  My momma always has her camera in my face or that other little person's face.  I have learned to pose and think my right side is always the best side for me. 

I have a little brother.  He's old and likes to lay around all the time.  Not me though, no way.  I like to try and get him wound up.  I also love to find anything I can to chew on.  A bone, the carpet, the wall, a shoe, undies.  What?  Is that frowned upon? 

Recently, I was able to experience snow for the first time.  With all my long golden locks, I get hot flashes a lot.  So to be outside rolling in the snow was the best day of my life!  My dad and that little person built a person of snow outside.  They were so proud of this ugly thing and I just wanted to knock it over, but my dad told me I couldn't because that little thing would cry.  My little brother Murphy, explained 2 rules to me when I first got here.

1.  Never ever ever bite the little person.
2.  Never ever make the little person cry.

I do my best to oblige by these rules, but sometimes it's tough.  I won't lie!  That little person likes to squeeze me really hard.  I think its called a hug, but dang, trying to resist the urge to chew on those little hands is hard work.  I do my best!

Last week, I had to go to the vet!  Apparently my momma and daddy don't want me having any puppies so I had to have surgery.  It wasn't all bad.  I had a nice little nap and they gave me some good pain medicine.  But, I woke up with a terrible hair cut!  Because I have such thick beautiful hair, they couldn't get my IV in, so they shaved my leg.  Now to a human, sure that doesn't sound all bad, but to a golden doodle, it's not good.  I was so embarrassed about my hair cut I tried to hide my leg when I got home.  My parent's still love me, but I am hoping it grows out pretty quick because there is a hot golden up the road in my neighborhood and he sometimes visits me on the other side of my fence and I definitely don't want him to see me like this!

Sure, I miss my brother's and sisters and my other momma, but for the most part, life here is good!  They feed me and water me and make me ring some silly bells when I need to go outside to relieve myself, but I'd like to say that I am fitting in well. 

My parents say that I am getting huge, and I don't know how to take that.  What does 42 pounds mean?  I still feel like a little baby, I mean I am only 6 months old, and I get confused when they don't like to me sit on their lap.  They tell me I am too big.  I just don't get it!

Besides ringing bells to go outside, I have learned some tricks that are really pretty easy, but man it gets my family so excited when I do it and most of the time earns me a treat.  So I play along. I sit, shake, lay down, drop it.  Anything to get these people excited.

My mom thinks it would be a good idea if from time to time I stopped in here at her blog, I think she called it and tell you all about how I am doing.  I think she is a little crazy but SHH.. don't tell her that!  So, I guess I will be back soon to tell you more about my life here!

A shout out to all my brother's and sisters and to Amber my first human mother.

Until next time doggy dogg's!!


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