Monday, February 11, 2013

A letter to the so-called police officer...

Dear so-called police officer-

Thank you very much for pointing out that my driving skills {or lack there of from your perspective}, are because I am a woman and I am on my cell phone.  As you were screaming at me, and I decided to roll down my window to hear what you had to say {which I was reprimanded for by the hubbs, I admit it was probably not the best move on my part}, I would like to thank you for exposing my daughter to your thoughtless words and the name calling that you shouted. 

I would also like to thank you for reciting the law and claiming to be a police officer.  Both of which I do believe must be incorrect as the "law" you stated is in fact not valid at least in the state I live in, neither is your ability to produce a badge to prove your police stature. 

Further more, if you were indeed a "police officer,"  I would hope that when you pull a woman and her child over that you would never call that person a " f*%$ing b#$@h ", in front of her children.

The so-called " f$%^ing b%#&*h "  {his words not mine!}

I stewed on this occurrence all afternoon. I was mad, upset, appalled. Why are some people just plain mean. I did not hit his car, nobody was injured. Yet feeling the need to scream at a complete stranger is beyond me. I hope this gentleman, took a deep breath and cooled off. And I hope that no one else caught him in one of his moments today. 

{sigh}  What a beautiful Monday!  Hope yours was better than mine!



  1. What a negative interaction! I am so sorry!

  2. that's horrible!

    I had a similar incident in a rest area parking lot. A guy banged on my window and was yelling at me, with all of my kids in the car. Originally, I was going to roll down my window and apologize (nothing actually happened, like you. It was just a close call.) until he came roaring up next to my van. I was actually scared he was going to do something to us if I did.



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