{OUR} story

<<<<I'm Elizabeth>>>>
20 something year old,
{no really, I say 20 something because I can never remember how old I am, I have to ask my husband}

living a pretty ordinary life in a small town where I was "born and raised"
I love my husband and my daughter and couldn't imagine life without them...

I hate introductions and tell me about yourself things because well,
to be honest, I suck at writing them..
It's really hard to find words that say, Hi! I am awesome and I have something worth telling you,
but obviously I think I do have something to tell...
and good thing because I am pretty sure that is the point of a blog,
which I will forever forward refer to as bloggie, because I think it's cute.
<It's ok, you don't have to think it's cute>

onto our story, the point of this page, hence the title...
I met the love of my life in high school...
no really, I had a crush on this super cute football player who was older, but he wasn't feeling it...
<he claims it's because he knew we would meet again later in life>
I think its because I just wasn't cool yet...
but hold up, I must have turned cool when I got to college because, yep
not only did he want to talk to me, he wanted to date me!
I still to this day, can't believe I married the hot football player I would swoon over in the hallways
{you're welcome babe}
like seriously, when I saw him out of my life science class at the water fountain my heart would flutter,
I thought he was trying to catch a glimpse of me and I would try and look really good and play it cool,
 how embarrassing, I think he was just thirsty... 

anyways, sure happy with my college choice because besides a degree, I walked away with a husband...
we moved back to the town that everyone swore
"as soon as I graduate high school, I am out of here and never looking back"
I'm not sure why, it's not a bad little town...
In fact now that I am so much wiser and mature{insert sarcasm}
I think it's a great little town,
and the place where we decided to start our family,
and I am sure I will hear from my kidlet's the same testimony
{about leaving and never coming back}
but they always come back! that should be my town's motto! someone write that down...

the best thing, seriously, that ever happened to me was becoming a mom..
{I know, getting all sentimental}
but hey, it's true...
the little love of my lifemy sunshine
the world...
my 3 year old going on 13
really, if you met her you'd be like "wow, that girl has attitude"
I hate to admit, but while she looks like her dad
she gets the attitude from, well, you guessed it...
My little PJ...
I wish I could tell you I was a stay at home mom,
but I have bills to pay and a Gap card{what? my baby dresses well}
so how do I manage it all?
I work nights, as a labor and delivery nurse!
{really, it's only 2 nights a week}
that's right, I sacrifice sleep...
<<<which is something I love dearly>>>
while my family sleeps, I bring life in the world
and then I don't miss much at home!
except my comfy bed...
and I am never crabby from lack of sleep...
{ahem! that's a lie}


<this is us>

this is a place where you will find snip-its from our day to day life
a place where I share my love of DIY,
seriously if I think I can make it instead of buy it, I will try
{hey, sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not so good}
a place where I share
new lovelies from my shop{oh, did I mention I have a shop?}


a place where I can pretend to be a photographera place where I can brag on my kids
{well, I only have 1 kid, but the plural just sounds better and maybe someday, well, yea}
a place where I can confess, confide and call it like it is...

I like to laugh and have funand I really like to have a beer <<or 4>> on my deck with the hubbs...
I like to keep it real
so kick back and read up friends...
and let me know you were here
you don't have to tell me I'm awesome or anything, just say HI or something...
{leave some love, m'kay?}
 <<oh, and come back, ya heard>>



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