Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Sometimes, I struggle with what kinds of things I want to share here.
How much I want to put myself out there, put my heart on the line, clear my head of my thoughts.
It's easy to share the fun and lighthearted.
The sewing, the tutorials, the fun pictures of my daughter.
Easier to share than the everyday struggles. 
However, with life comes everyday struggles, and I am no exception.
And over the last several weeks, I have felt especially bogged down with them.
Hence, the silence here!
In the back of my mind, I share all of the imperfect things going on in my life,
but struggle putting them out there.
For fear?
For judgement?
The more and more it weighs on me, the more and more I realize
that each and everyone of us face some sort of struggles.
And to share is to be real.
No one has the perfect life.
No one has a clean house at all times, and kids with clean faces,
and toys that are always neat and tidy, the most stylish clothes and hair and make up on at all times.
Then why do I feel that is all I should share??
I guess you could call it a funk or a rut.
It happens, and I'll snap out of it.
Every year around this time, {ahem! tax time}, I am reminded at how lousy I am with money and budgets and organizing and perhaps that is the root to my funk.
Or the fact that swim suit season is right around the corner and I am less than ready to get in any kind of clothing that is not covering me from my ankles to my neck.
The trying to expand my family, the dirty house, and sink full of dishes.
The toys on the floor and the laundry in piles.
I struggle.
And that keeps me silent.
Sometimes, in the blog world, it is easy to compare.
The woman with the cute outfit posts, the stay at home mom whose kids always seem to have some sort of activity going, the sewer who can whip out a million orders and still have time to blog about it.
And sometimes, I don't feel like I measure up.
But here I am. The not-so organized and tidy person.
The un-budgeted person who cooks her daughter processed foods {gasp}
and somedays chooses not to clean.
Somedays, I may take a nap with my little instead of folding the laundry.
But its me.
And instead of hiding behind it.
I'll embrace it.
And put my heart on the line.
Share instead of silence.
And a little inspiration from my girl Danielle 


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  1. Girl, I can totally relate. Processed foods happen, hell, most nights my little has been fed before I even get home from work.Sit down and eat as a family? Rare commodity in this house!



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