Saturday, April 30, 2011

my jellybean

Meet... Presley Jane

Like I said yesterday, she definitely is the cutest of the 3 of us...  This little angel came to us 18 months ago to be exact.  I should have known she would be ornery and full of independence when she decided to arrive on october 23, 2009 via c-section because she was breech... Yes, that stinker had her mind made up that she would welcome the world no other way. {that's a whole other story}

18 months later, my presley is showing us her independence more and more everyday.  She has to "do it herself" she likes to go down the stairs on her belly and if I am standing to close to her {because of course she is not climbing stairs unattended} she will wave me to go on and give her some room.  She wants to rinse and brush her own hair, brush her own teeth, feed herself {even if it's soup and she is not getting one drop in her mouth} ahh.. this is the independence my mom was talking about.

She loves her babies and I love to tell her "presley, your baby is crying" and she will pick up her baby doll and hold it sometimes upside down but she will get those knees a bending and pat that baby's back to get her to calm down. {how do little's just "know" what to do with their babies, amazing, I tell ya}  at bedtime, we must have all 5 babies in the crib with her before she even thinks about shutting her eyes, and if there is only 4, she will ask "where my baby" to which I have to scour the house making sure they are all tucked in...  just shows, she has a kind soul.

this girl has some moves... she hears music and she can't help but getting those arms a swinging and hips rocking.  she even dances in her car seat. she can be crying, screaming and carrying on, but if one of her fav songs come on, she can't help but bust a move {sometimes while still crying}  what can I say??

she loves a good "nack,"  is always in need of "mil" {milk}, and loves her bitamin's... yea, she's something else and I am so lucky to have this healthy, independent, and funny little person in my life.  I often wonder, what on earth did I do to occupy my time without her.  I can't even remember, because the day's are definitely sweeter with this little jellybean around...

speaking of jellybeans... the pink jellybean, my little biz, well, I will introduce you tomorrow... and yes, it's named after my baby !!


Friday, April 29, 2011

the mister in my life

Meet Phillip…
Phillip is a hard working guy. He is an amazing husband and a terrific father. Phil works as an engineer and also has a side biz as well. He loves to play with his littlest lady and you can often find them watching baseball or football together or going on walks in her wagon.

Phil plays on a men’s softball team, is a regular fisherman, and loves to mow and make his lawn pretty.. {im sure he would argue with that adjective}

He is very supportive of my crazy ideas and of my little biz. He often gets asked, “does this look straight?” “do these fabrics go together?” “do you think people will like this headband?” he usually answers appropriately, and is my go-to guy for business advice…

Phillip and I knew each other in high school. I actually had a huge crush on him. He was the older, popular football stud. He never gave me the time of day then {he gets mad when I say that} until we went to the same college and started hanging out and well.. The rest is history. We have been together for 8 years and married for 4 of those. So I guess you could say I married my high school sweetheart…

And tomorrow, the little bambino will make her debut… you won’t want to miss, she is the cutest of all of us


Thursday, April 28, 2011


Introductions… a little about me

First and foremost, I am a mother. I haven’t been one for very long {18 months to be exact} but don’t remember life without the best thing in my world, my baby girl… I love being a mommy and still melt every time that little voice says “mamma, mommy, momma” {whatever she feels like calling me that day}. I am a wife to an amazing husband who loves and supports me. Without him, I would not be able to have my last love, my hobby, my crafty time, my little handmade biz.

I started my lovely little shop after having my daughter, making things for her, then making things for friends, then people wanting to buy things, and in a little over a year, my handmade biz has grown, and I am very proud of where I have come. {more about the shop in another post}

Last tid bit about me… I am a nurse, a labor and delivery nurse. I get to see love and joy everyday {night actually} that I am at work. It is a rewarding job and most days I love it and I love my patients and I love my co-workers. I work nights {by choice} because it allows me to also be a stay at home mom, as far as my daughter knows. So a few days a week, you may notice that I am very tired to say the least.

Other fun facts about me, I have 2 brothers, 1 sister, 2 of which are twins that surprised us when I was 13. I have over 100 cousins {that’s right I said 100}. My daugher is actually the 100th grandchild… yes, Christmas is a little crazy interesting to say the least…

I love the lake, I love coconut popsicles, I love Cozumel, I love the Muse, I love my tivo and record many educational entertaining shows nightly {you know, jersey shore, orange county housewives, Rachel zoe project, Glee, the young and the restless} and lastly I love dr pepper… yummy,..

Did I mention that Im 27 years old… well there you go!!

Tomorrow, introducing, the mister in my life


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Welcome my new love… my blog

Blogging is not brand new to me, in fact, not too long ago I had 2 blogs, one for my little family and one for my shop. I could not keep up with both, so I quit all together. As time passed, I missed blogging so much, that I decided to combine them, to make it easier for everyone involved {yay}

I purchased this here bloggie from the awesome ladies at {life made lovely designs} and well… take a look… isn’t it prettyful.. I can’t wait to get busy blogging, so much I have been wanting to tell you and share with you. A lot has happened since my last blog post. So, with that being said…
Stick around, visit us often… and by all means, show some love, and leave a comment!!!
To blogging

world. meet pocket full of lovelies. the blog

blog. meet the world

introductions to come...



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