Saturday, April 30, 2011

my jellybean

Meet... Presley Jane

Like I said yesterday, she definitely is the cutest of the 3 of us...  This little angel came to us 18 months ago to be exact.  I should have known she would be ornery and full of independence when she decided to arrive on october 23, 2009 via c-section because she was breech... Yes, that stinker had her mind made up that she would welcome the world no other way. {that's a whole other story}

18 months later, my presley is showing us her independence more and more everyday.  She has to "do it herself" she likes to go down the stairs on her belly and if I am standing to close to her {because of course she is not climbing stairs unattended} she will wave me to go on and give her some room.  She wants to rinse and brush her own hair, brush her own teeth, feed herself {even if it's soup and she is not getting one drop in her mouth} ahh.. this is the independence my mom was talking about.

She loves her babies and I love to tell her "presley, your baby is crying" and she will pick up her baby doll and hold it sometimes upside down but she will get those knees a bending and pat that baby's back to get her to calm down. {how do little's just "know" what to do with their babies, amazing, I tell ya}  at bedtime, we must have all 5 babies in the crib with her before she even thinks about shutting her eyes, and if there is only 4, she will ask "where my baby" to which I have to scour the house making sure they are all tucked in...  just shows, she has a kind soul.

this girl has some moves... she hears music and she can't help but getting those arms a swinging and hips rocking.  she even dances in her car seat. she can be crying, screaming and carrying on, but if one of her fav songs come on, she can't help but bust a move {sometimes while still crying}  what can I say??

she loves a good "nack,"  is always in need of "mil" {milk}, and loves her bitamin's... yea, she's something else and I am so lucky to have this healthy, independent, and funny little person in my life.  I often wonder, what on earth did I do to occupy my time without her.  I can't even remember, because the day's are definitely sweeter with this little jellybean around...

speaking of jellybeans... the pink jellybean, my little biz, well, I will introduce you tomorrow... and yes, it's named after my baby !!


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