Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day

to all of the lovely mother's out there.. I hope it's a fantastic day for you, filled with the love and laughter only your kiddo's can bring.  one truly cannot appreciate the meaning of mother's day until you have become one.  after becoming a mother myself, I found a new meaning for this special day and a deeper feeling of  respect towards my own mother. 

meet.. my momma.

I am truly blessed to have such an amazing woman that I can call mom.  my mom, always, has put her kid's first.  she is the most unselfish and patient person I know.  I have learned a lot about the mom I want to become from her.

sometimes, I still feel like I am the girl standing in this picture.   for anyone who knows my mom and I and the relationship we have, know that we are almost inseparable.  I am lucky enough to see my mom every day, and talk on the phone several times a day.  we do everything together, she is my best friend.

 her love and support never fail me.  she was by my side through the birth of my very own.  being so anxious that day, my mom held my hand.  it's so funny how sometimes, you just need your momma, even at 27 years old...

I can only pray that presley and I can have the same relationship that my mother and I have.

it still amazes me that in one day, in one instance, you become a mother and all your feelings change and a love is born like never before, all for one tiny, little perfect being. 

so to all the influential and amazing mommies out there... happy mother's day.. we make the world go round.


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