Monday, May 9, 2011

a fight with a blue marker {and the marker definitely won}

today's post contains no photos... and there is a reason for that.  instead, today's post will be somewhat of a tutorial, {how to get permanent marker out of your carpet}.

lately, my perfect little angel {insert sarcasm} has been "testing her independence"  she must have received the memo for the guide to terrible two's a little early because all of the sudden the girl is just plain naughty.  one lovely afternoon, {again, sarcasm} presley found a blue permanent marker {which I have never seen before}.  while I can appreciate my daughter's creative art work, I have a hard time appreciating it on my brand new cream carpet.

I happened to look up from whatever it was I was doing, and in a blink of an eye, I noticed that my daughter, in diaper wear only, was covered head to toe in blue permanent marker.  she was very proud of her artwork and at first, I chuckled until I looked at my floor and saw many swirls of said blue marker all over the carpet.. so consider this post as a PSA.. in case this may happen to you, here is what you can do.

1.  first, run around frantic, say omg! omg! a few times...
2.  hop on the Internet and google "permanent marker out of carpet"  {you may omit this step if reading this post} and I can very much appreciate the sarcasm even google provided "it's called permanent for a reason"
3.  grab some rubbing alcohol and 2 cloths
4.  put a generous amount of rubbing alcohol on the cloth and start "blotting" on stains
5.  use the dry cloth to "blot" up the marker stain
6.  the left over stain can then by manicured with your best "trimming scissors" from your sewing room
7.  grab the shop vac and give it a good sweeping
8.  then never look at the very spot again {and hope no one else does either}

after feeling very proud of my carpet saving techniques, I took one look at my daughter and realized that I still had a pretty large mess to tend to.  to the bathtub she goes. I used- her regular baby soap with no luck, dawn dish washing soap, baking soda, thought about bleach and then decided that would not be very good. then tried some watered down rubbing alcohol to no avail.  so, I get to look at the beautiful artwork of presley jane everyday.  may not seem like a huge deal except that little miss gets to be flower girl this coming weekend and I would prefer the blue stains gone.. surely it will be by then??

looking back, I should have taken a picture, but as you can imagine I was frantic.  so, no cute pictures, but I do offer you a great tutorial, should this ever happen to you.

ahhh... I have a strong feeling there may be more posts of this nature to come....


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  1. Oddly enough, baby wipes take the permanent marker off my kids skin everytime. I have also used tide/shout with good results. Good luck!




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