Thursday, June 2, 2011

inspiration workshop: week 1

I am so very excited to be taking part in gussy's first week of her inspiration workshop.  I think maybe I have mentioned that I {heart} gussy and all of her creative ruffles to the nth degree.  she is my go-to blog for inspiration and savvy business sense.  she rocks!

if you want to know more about this inspiration workshop or would love to join in on the ruffly fun, then go ahead and sign up... go on, you know you want to}

week 1:  handmade
a broad topic, could be conceived many ways, here's my take!

I have always been a diy kind of girl.  most of the time, it's to challenge myself {hey, I can do that}, to save money, or because I am bored and need a new craft to occupy my time.  I have always been into making gifts for people, making things for my house, making something for my hair, and very recently making things for my little sweetie to wear.  sometimes it works, and sometimes it just doesn't.  I love making and selling my designs in my store, but also love to just dream and create something for myself, try a new pattern, plan a party, style a photo shoot...

upon receiving gussy's prompt, I was a little stuck!  then I decided to stop thinking so much and just go with it.  that led me to my pinterst {are you pinning? omg, if not let me know and I will invite you, but be ready to sit down for a few days hours at your computer} back to the point, I realized that my pinterest had all of my answers.  I had been "pinning" my inspiration

so what's actually inspiring this handmade mind right this very second {and yes it changes that often}
simplistic, bright colors, anything floral, fun fabrics, tutorials, vintage

{one} I am into hoop art.  whoever thought it up, GENIUS.  and I ordered some lovely fabric to make my own collection and I'M stoked to get started.  I may skip to my mailbox everyday in anticipation. {source}
{two} sometimes inspiration is so simple.  this is truly what handmade is all about.  {source}
{three} I {heart} making flowers from paper and especially from fabric.  you can do so much with these little lovelies... put on a package, a headband, a shirt, a dress, a card {source}
{four} a pillow... MUST try this.  and I am always looking for good homes for my beloved scraps. {source}
{five} my prettiest fabric find... again skipping to the mailbox until this comes... what will I do with it?  dresses for my shop? a birthday bunting for pj? a pot holder? hoop art? maybe just stare at it?? {source}

ah... to be inspired... it feels good!



  1. Such pretty colors in all the pictures you showed! I love Pinterest, too!

  2. LOVE your inspiration!! SO colorful and fun!

  3. Anonymous2.6.11

    Love the things you pinned! I heart Pinterest.:)

  4. I love love love your blog. new follower! Please make me some hoop art with that fabric ;)Pinterest is the best thing ever.

  5. ohhhhh LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  6. Love all of your inspiration! And love love love pinterest, its the best place to find the best stuff :)

  7. oh, the time i could waste on pinterest! it's so addicting! btw, i like your blog design!



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