Monday, June 20, 2011

Lesson 4: 12 weeks to better photos

Ok, don't judge me, but... I am totally a slacker today!!!

I didn't get a chance to play with my flash this weekend which is what today's lesson is all about.  truthfully, I have been trying my hardest to NOT use the flash and the thought of turning it back on, well, it scares me!  so... with that being said, I did not do today's lesson yet, slacker right? I know!  but I am going to work on it this week. we have rain in the forecast tomorrow so, I think it will provide the right light  I need for the first task in the lesson. 

back to your photos... How is everyone doing?  noticing some changes in your skills?  shooting on M ? posting lovely photos?  friends, I am having so much fun with my camera and am really feeling more comfortable with M..

so here's the deal.  linking up with the gals from two peas in a bucket, {stop by and check out their loveliness} for their self-paced and totally awesome 12 weeks to better photos tutorials!  if you are just joining, catch up and follow along!  we have tons of fun stuff coming up that you won't want to miss..

here is the content for lesson 4, check it out and then give it a try! 

and keep shooting, keep practicing, and keep having fun with your camera!

and what's a photography post without a picture right?

my little sweetie in her new swimsuit!  it was a, and presley loved dancing in front of this fan..just love this little girl and her fun little personality!

have a lovely week friends, and you will not want to miss next week.  I have an amazing guest blogger stopping by to help with the next lesson, she is fab and you all are going to love her! 



  1. I think you are doing great - you have come a long way from shooting in green square! Don't be afraid of flash - it is an awesome tool when you know how to use it - kinda like sewing machine - lots of people have them but not many know how to make them work! haha Let me know if you have any questions or need anything!

  2. Love this beautiful spot
    you've built!
    Cheering you on and on and on:)

  3. Anonymous20.6.11

    Elizabeth<Presley is soooo dang cute aand I can see her dancing in nfront of the fan, she gets that from her momma. I also really enjoy reading your blog, it's a gift you have. Enjoyed seeing all of you while I was back,tell everyone hello and have a great summer!!! Loves:) Dixie



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