Tuesday, June 21, 2011

family pictures... it takes some planning

I love photography.  I love having priceless, meaningful pictures of my loved ones, my family, and of my special memories.  I especially love getting my family's pictures taken.  we just scheduled our family photos with my talented friend molly and I am all giddy with ideas.  maybe its my creative mind, or just my perfection-isms that force me to plan out EVERYTHING I do, including my family pictures.  not only do we get to capture exactly who we are, but it allows me the ability to be creative which I enjoy to the fullest.  my friend molly, is such a trooper, even with my outrageous ideas, she plays along.  sometimes it works, sometimes not. 

I think it is important to have a "photography plan"  so many people just show up for their photo session and expect to have perfect photos.  while most of the time, these amazing photog's can do just that, it definitely helps to have a plan in mind.  what kind of feel are you wanting, are you wanting portraits for your walls, a photo book of the kids, Christmas cards, photo's for family members??  often times, I will get a color inspiration based on where in my house I want to hang my photos and the rest will fall into place.

I am a google surfing, pinterest loving, laptop fanatic... so it's not uncommon for me to do some good old Internet browsing for inspiration.  then, I am able to email these ideas to my photographer and she takes tid bits of those ideas and adds her flair {the flair that I love} and makes for some lovely pictures. 

having a plan is important not only for family photos, but for your wedding photos, kiddo's photos, basically any session!  most of the time, people have a certain "feel" they are wanting to portray in their photos and I think if that is not communicated before the session, a certain shot you were wanting or a particular place you were hoping to shoot at can be easily forgotten.  and.. it saves on time. you are more organized and that keeps everyone happy.

my favorite shots are those that are candid, outfits that coordinate and don't necessarily match perfectly, outdoor shots, those that display emotion-hugging, kissing, playing, and of course just about anything of my beautiful little girl.

I have been browsing, searching, shopping, and I am so excited about the direction I am going with my scheduled photo shoot.

{photo credit 123,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8 }

Inspired by mustard yellow and navy blue, earthy tones, pinwheels, and the outdoors.  I can't wait and of course will be sharing...



  1. I love the yellow in your inspiration pictures. It will make a great theme to tie together those precious family photos!

  2. Can't wait to see them!



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