Sunday, June 19, 2011

sunday shopping: all about the daddi-o's

happy father's day to all you daddies... while I didn't do much shopping for father's day, no instead I made peaches and creme pies for my daddies and grandpa's and presley jane made her daddy the sweetest of gifts. a lovely bbq planned for this afternoon and some quality time makes for a great father's day at our house. 

so in honor of daddies day.. here are my top 5 totally crush-worthy guy products!!

in love with this cuff from lisa leonard, love that the numbers are the kid's birthdates!

toms!  he needs a pair!

wouldn't this be perfect for the office!

definitely in the market for some new trunks, and I may be loving on these!

so he all ready has this, but believe me.. it smells fantastic!

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 happy father's day!  enjoy your special day!


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  1. Anonymous19.6.11

    You shop is so great - what beautiful things!!



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