Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I may have mentioned before?? I have a fabric addiction obsession {Hi, name is Elizabeth...} we have been patiently {or not so patiently} waiting for a lovely little package of my newest fabric selections.  I would literally jump, skip, and hop to the mailbox everyday {all 4 of them}, and when it hadn't come would walk back to my house like a lost puppy... {sad story I know}

I KNEW today would be the day.  Presley and I may have just played outside while waiting for the mail.woman to come.. and sure enough...  it did!

patiently waiting...

yay!!! to lovely fabric!!!
 so many projects to come from this stash, and I can't wait... 
let's see...

5 birthday outfits
several dresses
a birthday party
a baby shower
a bunting trial
a quilt {trial}
hair accessories
some more earrings and necklaces
hoop art...
and whatever else my little handmade mind may come up with...

oh, and these pics... all shot in {M}.. how are you all doing with your camera's?  want to join in learning your camera?  start here  I am so very, estatically, excited beyond words at the guest photog's and mommyographers lined up to guest post!!! yay...



  1. I see some yummy grey/yellow combos :)

  2. I also am a fabric freak! I love LOVE new fabric. And I cant help but buy it, so what if I have an entire stash at home. c.a.n.t. h.e.l.p. i.t....




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