Friday, June 10, 2011

what's on my heart... presley jane

she's getting big... growing so fast.
she can count to 10 {kind of}
knows her ears, eyes, mouth, nose, hair, fingers, toes, knees, and my favorite, belly button
she speaks in sentences
lover of milk
she loves to take a shower
loves to play in mommie's make up
she loves shoes
loves Dora!
she finally is getting longer hair and I can even put it in a pony-tail
loves to give kisses!
she is bossy
lover of the outdoors, and would always prefer to be outside
she just learned to cast {with help} her dora fishing pole
lover of the water and the swimming pool
she loves her daddee and mommy...

and we love you too baby!
{just stop growing so fast}



  1. Oh that fishing pic is too much! : )

  2. So sweet. They do grow up fast, don't they? My daughters are 6 (just finished 1st grade) and almost 4. I can hardly believe it. Time absolutely races by with children around.

  3. love the black and white poutty mouth pic! sweet. :)

  4. That was a fun walk down P.J.'s memory lane. :)



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