Friday, June 3, 2011

what's on my heart...

linking up with the lovely casey today for what's on your heart friday.

so, what's on my heart?? my hubby! 

sometimes, it's hard to make time for each other, what with a toddler, jobs, and everything else.  the other night, we actually had "date night" me and him sans kiddo.  it was some well-deserved and appreciated time at the ole' ball game. 

It had been a long time since we had a date night, and you know what?? I think we need to try and make time for more date nights.  thanks Phillip for a great night!  let's do it again!!  love you!

what's on your heart??



  1. Oh let me tell you how much we need to make date nights a priority! It looks like you two had a great time. Date nights are the best!

  2. yeah for date night! IT is hard to find time, with 4 kids I definitely need to make a more concious effort to make it happen. So glad you could get out and have some fun.

  3. i just was talking about needing to spend more time with my J. That is a great pic of you two. Fun! :)

  4. i love date nights. it's been a while for us. Boo.

  5. Anonymous3.6.11

    Date nights are so important. You reminded me that we needed one :/


  6. We have been working really hard to have date nights/get away for weekends alone and I have to tell you, it has done wonders for our marriage, and our family. I struggled for a long time, leaving the kid behind but now that I realize he is having a better time without us {ha! our sitter is that good}, I look forward to nights out!

  7. Oh date nights! I do love them! We had our first a few months back and now I'm hooked! I love spending that one on one time with the hubs without either of us watching the kiddos. (not that i don't adore my kids that is) Keep having those special moments!
    I'm your newest follower - yeah!



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