Thursday, January 10, 2013

snow day

It seems that since Presley was born that we have not had much snow.
and while I can appreciate that because I am not a huge lover of cold and slick roads.
a little snow now and then is fun.

Especially for a girl that loves frosty the snow man.
Her and daddy built a snow man, {well, daddy actually}
and Presley sang the whole time,
"Frosty the snow man, was a jolly, happy sore"
Hmmm... we need to work on that one!

Even shandy {our huge puppy} enjoyed the snow.
A first for her as well.

As for me, I played with my camera and had so much fun taking pictures with my family.

and now that we've had our fun in the snow, you can leave now winter.  Nothing personal, I just prefer summer.



  1. Hey girl! I just came over from the Influence Network to test your comments, but then I saw this post, and your girl is SO very cute! :) xoxo Nadine

    1. You are too sweet for helping me out with this! and thanks, she's a lot of fun!



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