Friday, January 4, 2013

Currently + on hold

Anyone else having issues with loading pictures in blogger?
Yea, me too!

With that being said, today's {acutally last night's} post has been put on hold because, I need the pics.

And because I know you are all dying to know exactly what I have been up to lately. I will go ahead and share this fun little idea I found via pinterest from here.  Speaking of this, I recently learned of {smashing}, yes I am behind on the times, and while I really shouldn't take on a new project or hobby, I just may have to because it looks really fun and creative!


listening | to my daughter read a book.  no she doesn't have to read but sure thinks she does and
                         comes up with some pretty impressive stories

eating | sopa and pico, like all week long, I can't get enough of it.

drinking | dr pepper, and way too much of it at that.  Must.Cut.Back.

wearing | my favorite navy striped long sleeved T from Gap. I could live in these shirts!

feeling | like poo actually.  I have had a cold or flu or something.  Fever.Aches.Chills.Yuck
                     but, I am finally on the mend

weather | too dang cold.  Now that Christmas is over, the snow and cold can also
                       be over.

wanting | besides the better life bag that I that I didn't get for Chistmas, which
                        has now been moved to my birthday list, a pair of black Ugg knock off boots 

needing | to finish the laundry and finish taking down the Christmas decorations

thinking | about all the fun stuff I am going to be making with all my purchases from Joann

enjoying | some family time tonight, doing nothing, with no plans, and maybe an ice cold bud
                         light as well

Have a good weekend lovelies, and as soon as blogger works out the buggies, I will tell you all about my new baby Happy Bottoms.


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  1. From one over consumer of Dr. Pepper to another I feel your pain. I hope you get over that cold/flu thing soon. :)



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