Monday, January 14, 2013

a lot about nothing...!

Hello. Monday


Who says that?  Does anyone really have open arms for Monday?  I know I don't. 
Speaking of things I don't especially get a kick out of.  Cold, frigid, Antarctic temperatures.
So maybe I am exaggerating a fuzz, just about the Antarctic part, but it's freezing out.
Enough that I dread leaving my house. Ugh!

Also, if you're into Scentsy like I am, then I must tell you a little secret.  The green tea smoothie scent, smells very closely to a crown and peach shot, and let's just say it doesn't bring back the fondest of memories for this girl.  But, if you are into those, then you'll love it, and I'd be happy to give you the rest of my bar.

On to happy thoughts, the hubbs and I have been busy planning my craft room. 
You know, my birthday present he agreed to undertake...
Well, we have a plan, and a supply list, and a lot of DIY in our near futures, but I am so excited to have a room that is organized and is ALL.mine.

instead of this ^
Yes, that would be my dining room...

I know it doesn't look like much, but it is a huge step.
First, we had to find time to actually Talk.
Anyone else have that problem?  Between working opposite schedules and a 3 year old that immediately has something to say anytime the hubbs and I start a conversation, actually talking about things other than the daily necessity is a rarity around these parts {yes, I live in a country western movie}.  So the fact that we were able to discuss my wants for the room and him to bring me back down to earth and tell me what is actually possible, and that we were able to tape out the space, is HUGE!

And now for the content of this post, OH snap!  I am just writing to write, and really had no vision or plan when starting this post, so if you are looking for some good content, sorry, I have none today.  Last week, I actually sat down Monday with my laptop and scheduled all my posts for the week.  I was so proud and it was really nice, but that lasted all of 1 week because here I am today with no plans.  I like to call myself a fly-by-the- seat-of-my-pants-blogger.  However, recently, I have joined up with the fabulous ladies and the influence network and have been really inspired on how to be a better blogger, and ways to get my bum organized and I'm ready to take some of these tips and apply them to not only my bloggie but my real life.  If you guys haven't heard or joined in the influence network, go there now and check it out! 

In other news, several new products are going to be added to the shop tonight, and I think you will love them.  So be sure and check it out tomorrow when you wake up.  Like first thing, don't forget, m'kay?

Is anyone else watching the new season of the bachelor?  Apparently, the bachelor is a popular little ditty in blog world, because my twitter feed is blowing up with reviews and analyzations {is that a word?} and I'm pumped because I watched the first episode and hook line and sinker I set the DVR and ready follow.  I am kind of weird with a TV series.  If I miss the first episode, I will rarely back-watch to get caught up.  Now, if its a series I have all ready watched, like Grey's or Glee, then yes, I will cozy up and watch all of the episodes I missed.  I like the bachelor, I loved Allie Fedotowsky, and also the Jake and Vienna disaster but like I said, if I miss that first episode, I'm doomed. 
And that is probably more about my TV watching practices then you ever wanted to know.  {I told you no content here folks}.


One more thing of note, mark your calendars because January is my birthday month.  Go ahead and feel free to send me sweet birthday wishes because, well, I really like them and it makes me feel special.  And in return, I am going to host a Giveaway at the end of the month for all you lovelies.  I have some fab goodies lined up and some Ah-mazing shops to feature.  {if you want to be included, like give something away, it's not too late, holler...!}

All righty then, thanks for those of you that are still reading!  Tomorrow, I will try and return with something blog-worthy.  Until then, Peace, I'm out!


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