Monday, January 28, 2013

love never fails...

I consider myself lucky to witness so much love present in my family.
From my own parents who have been married 30 years,
and between both sets of my grandparents, collectively they have been married 123 years.

And on Sunday we celebrated 70 of those years with my Grandma and Grandpa.
70 years of marriage!
Definitely something to be proud of.
A true testimony to showing that love never fails.

70 years ago, my grandmother says, "I saw him across the room, and I instantly fell in love."
She goes on to say, "The priest said our marriage would never last."
Grandpa chimes in, "I guess we showed him." 

Indeed they did, they showed everyone, their family and friends, what true love means.
10 kids and 110 grand kids later, love surrounds each and everyone of us.

My grandmother wore an exact replica of her wedding dress, and she still looks as beautiful as ever.

 me and my grandma

 my mommy and her momma...
 my family and my grandparents
 my brother and his bride

my sweetie

and my love, I can only hope that we can share everything that my grandparent have.

The news even came to celebrate.
They interviewed my grandparents,
and it was the sweetest news segment!
You can check it out here

Happy Monday friends!



  1. Oh my goodness this story gave me chills!! How sweet... 70 years! That is seriously remarkable... and a complete inspiration...

  2. 70 years?!? That's amazing. Your grandparents should give marriage lessons.

  3. Precious. What a neat thing to celebrate.



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