Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's like riding a bike...

This weekend, we were blessed with some lovely weather.
And our little family took full advantage of the sunshine and fresh air.
Presley was finally able to take her new set of wheels on a test drive.


This girl, much like her momma, is a thinker.  Has to make a plan, see the exits, think it through.  Before we even took off, she asked, "Exactly where are we going?"  "To the sidewalk?"  "Are we crossing the road?"  "Daddy, you will be with me, Right?"

Something that comes second nature to us, Riding a bike!, was such a task for my little 3 year old.  I loved watching her trying to figure this out.  She wanted to be good at it and take off, but she just couldn't get it down at first.  The "big kids" were riding along, on what must seem to her like huge bikes, with no training wheels, and she was working hard to join them.  And become a part of the big kid bike club.  
But that didn't come without trial and error and a lot of frustration.  "I can't do this!"
Continual encouragement and coaching and cheering, "YAY, Presley!"  "You did it!"
A cycle of a little success, followed by frustration.

Her and daddy kept at it, she was determined to get this right.

And by the end of the ride, she was mostly doing it all on her own.  She was shouting "Look at me, I'm a big girl!"  So proud of herself, and you could tell, something as simple as riding a bike, is such a big deal to a 3 year old. 



  1. Aw she must be so proud of herself! Yay Presley!

  2. Too cute! We really loved the weather too!

  3. That bike is adorable! I love that she can set her baby doll right in front of her!



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