Thursday, January 17, 2013

a girl can never have too much.. lip gloss!

Thanks to a recent Christmas present,
PJ has recently realized the need to have lip gloss on at.all.times.
"Mom, my lips need some gloss"
as she puckers up to show me.

The best part of her newest lip gloss wearing,
is the aftermath, because the girl just won't move her lips.
She keeps them puckered up just right, you know so that none of the lip gloss will rub off.
She talks and sings and never moves her lips.
At a restaurant the other day, friends asked, "What's wrong with Presley's lips?"
Oh that, it's just her lip gloss.
This girl never leaves a dull moment.
And she has my heart.
In case you weren't all ready aware, Presley would like to show you the proper way to apply lip gloss.

She of course has to have all 4 Dora lip glosses put on, layer over layer to get the full effect.

Then you must dip the wand in the gloss, several times to make sure you get plenty.

Apply a generous amount of gloss to lips.

with a few different glosses.

{notice the puckered lips that will stay that way for at least an hour after application}

Reach down, and grab a few more different flavors of gloss.

and continue to layer your glosses.

Put the lid back and assume the position.

"Mom, don't make me laugh or my lip gloss will fall off!"
Ok, Presley, I won't make you laugh.
But mommy sure is because I get to look at this lip glossed face.


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  1. Um, that is stinking adorable! She is so cute and so pretty! And I like your pictures! Great job. :)



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