Thursday, January 31, 2013

11 little secrets about Your's Truly..

With the newest followers from my favorite things giveaway I am hosting,
{don't worry, you can still get in on the action here}
I thought you may want to get to know me a little bit better...

I mean sure, you stopped by because you want to win the loot,
and you probably really don't care too much about me or this blog!

that is about to change there friends, because today I will reveal 11 little secrets about muah!

1.  I was a cheerleader in high school.  Not too many people believe me on this one! I am not sure if I should take offense or not!  What? I am not bright and bubbly anymore?

2.  I constantly forget how old I am.  Unless of course it is January and the only reason is that I will have just celebrated a birthday.  Seriously, I always have to turn to my husband and ask, "How old am I?"  Sad, I know!

3.  I have a really yucky habit.. a few actually.  The first,  I take a cup of water to bed every single night.  I usually only drink about 1 drink or said water, and by the end of the week, I may have a total of 5-6 mostly full glasses on my night stand.  {drives my husband crazy!}

4.  Yucky habit number 2.. I shed!  I know right, but let me explain.  I have very thick hair and with each shower I seriously lose enough hair to make a wig!  So, I put the hair on the shower wall.  And after a while, my shower wall starts to look like it is growing hair!  Impressive I know, and my husband totally loves it!  NOT!  Let me tell you why I choose the shower wall.  Because it clogs the drain if I don't!  See, I am helping my husband and the plumbing he will have to do.  Don't worry, I eventually clean it up and all is ok in the world. 

5.  I have a potty mouth!  I try to work on it!  I know it is not attractive but it's me!  So there!

6.  I am totally and utterly addicted to Dr. Pepper.  And I am currently trying to give it up or even just cut back!  I seriously think I may need a support group for this!  Yep, it's that bad.  And the fluff on my tummy can attest!

7.  I have weird allergies!  Banana's, avocado's, kiwi, melons, and NSAID's to name a few!  My lips swell up, I can't breathe.  It's rather embarrassing! 

8.  I hate popcorn!  My daughter knows this and just can't understand it.  She asks me at least once a week, "Mom, do you still hate popcorn?"  Yes child!  I hate popcorn!  I blame the the dorms from college and the fact that we lived off of burnt popcorn for 2 semesters!

9.  I have a terrible fear of flying.  Like for reals, it takes a few doses of xanax to even get me on the plane!  The last trip I took, I was bawling like a baby for months before the flight, all in anticipation of the plane ride.

10.  I play bunco once a month.  Everyone laughs when they hear this.  Bunco is not just for the ole' ladies.  We have a ton of fun, and drink way too much wine and beer, and my group is a blast!

11.  I am a Gorilla!  Let me explain.  My college's mascot is a Gorilla.  I think {and I could be wrong} that we are the only Gorillas in the United States.  Fact check please!

There you have it!  Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope we can all be friends!



  1. Oh dear.. I shed like crazy too! It has been even worse since I had Clementine. I am constantly picking up little hair balls off of our floor. Yick.

  2. I didn't like popcorn much in the past, but it's grown on me. Maybe one of these years when your daughter asks you you'll be able to say NO. Cause they say your taste buds change every seven years or so. Has it been seven years? :D

    You know they have these cool hair-catcher-net-things you can put in the drain of your tub/shower. It would be a good investment for you, lol. They probably sell them at wally world!

    And good job being honest. :)

  3. I am shedding and leave glasses on my bedside!

  4. I do that with the shower walls, too!
    Dr. Pepper is THE BEST, and Bunco is awesome.
    My husband is the one that leaves glasses on the nightstand though.



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