Thursday, October 11, 2012

to my lover...

Happy Anniversary ...

Seriously, I feel like it was yesterday when I was trying to sneak down to the high school football field after the game to try and give you a high five and was secretly hoping for a hug
I would have never guessed that a few years
later we would be a thing in college,
or that I would walk into a house full of rose petals and a shaky guy on one knee
waiting to propose over my lunch break...
In 5 years, we have accomplished so much...
first and foremost, we made a human {and a darn cute one at that}
we built our forever house
I haven't lost my wedding ring {although there were 2 close calls}
oh, and you haven't either
{but no surprise, you are the responsible one}
we have moved 3 times {and are still married might I add}

we lived at our best friends house
{and thankfully, all of us survived}
we have sucessfully eaten our anniversary dinner
at the melting pot every year...

{ahem! when is our reservation?}
you almost cut your leg off building our fence and I drove you to the ER with no gas and my car read 0 miles most of the way there
{yes we made it there}
oh, and I almost passed out
and yet we are still in love!

so many memories
so many ups and downs
but like we vowed
we have been there for each other
you have taught me so much
and since I am not good at the mushy stuff...
here's how I really feel!
you are the creamer to my coffee.
the ping to my pong.
to peanut butter to my jelly.
the fruit to my loop.
the mac to my cheese.
I love you !

and 5 years later, in the same church we were married in, with a little addition

now let's go drink some champagne and watch our wedding video
you know how momma loves her some champagne
to 5 years!


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