Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OH snap.

what's up with my lovely friends today?
I will tell you what's up with me... I am totally exhausted beyond words because my alarm went off at 5:30 and I managed to hit snooze until 6:15 {what's that? like 4 times} and then throw on clothes and brush my teeth and out the door by 6:30.. ya.. I work nights people.. I haven't set an alarm in a very long time.  and I get to do it again tomorrow.. all for a work thing.
so, besides sitting in class all day.  I am actually doing something totally rad and guest posting on this blog.  about what the heck to dress your family in for pictures!  so head over and check out Allison... she's not only an amazing mother and absolutely gorg, but also a darn talented photographer... believe me, you'll be impressed.. show some love too and say hi!
so what are you waiting for? huh?


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