Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's a GIRL...

that's right friends.. we momentarily lost our minds and decided, hey, we just built our dream house, now let's get a new puppy to help break it in.. right?

and that's exactly what we did.  the newest member of our family, weighing in at 10 pounds, with blonde hair and brown eyes...
our goldendoodle
{yes people, she is named after my favorite beer}


she made her debut at my daughter's birthday party last weekend.  who doesn't want to open a puppy in a box with a pink bow on your birthday...
 yep! that's just what she  got to do.


Presley was beyond estatic... she opened the box and layed eyes on this fluffy teddy bear, and said AHHHH, I LOVE HER!  sweeetest.thing.ever.

so the last week of my life has consisted of caring for a puppy.  friends, I have forgotten how much work a puppy is.  The hubbs and I have been taking turns getting up in the middle of the night to take the little one to potty outside, picking up shoes that are not chew toys, playing tug of war with our sweetheart, feeding, watering, walking.. ya!  it's almost like having a baby back in the house. 
but so worth it... she is so sweet and we are in love!
we decided on a goldendoodle because we wanted a dog that would be good with kids. 
wanted a dog that was well behaved and easily trained.
wanted a dog that would not shed. 
and wanted a dog that would get big yet still could be a house dog. 
we drove 4 hours because I was so impressed with the dog breeder where we got Shandy, and folks, seriously if you ever are interested in a goldendoodle, please visit amber from  elk prairie doodles.  she is the!  for reals!
and if you follow me on instagram, so sorry,
you get to see the cutest puppy ever again right here!

yes that would be my daughter playing dress up with the pup!
more party pics to follow.
thanks to willow brandt photography for these photos...
alrighty peeps...  I need to go see what my is chewing on
because it is probably my shoe! 

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