Tuesday, October 9, 2012


want to know what I missed most about my break from my blog?
I missed reading all the other blogs that I love...

a few days ago, I was browsing  my daily reads on the bloggie and stopped at {just lovely things} 
just love her! 
the post - a sort of past, present, future reflecting post...
and I thought, what a great time for ME to do that with my own life 

Last  year at this time...
  • I was trying to find balance.. trying to manage my shop, a blog, being a mom and wife, telling people NO... I was getting burned out of my hand made hobby {sad}.  was beyond busy with sewing dresses
  • I was getting ready to close on my house and dreaming of what my new house would bring to my family although I hadn't found the one... yet!
  • I was planning a second birthday party and was unsure where to have it because we had no idea of where we would be living
  • I had an almost 2 year old who loved Dora, and drank way too much milk, talked like a baby, and hadn't had a haircut yet
  • I was ready to get pregnant again
  • I was not feeling my job anymore
This year...
  • I am ready to blog again, and realized after a year, how  much I missed this blogging community and these super awesome women
  • I am in my new dream home... and loving decorating and doing projects and adding memories day by day... I even love cleaning my house {seriously!}
  • I am planning my daughter's 3rd birthday party {right around the corner}, in our new home.  A small party with my daughter's friends
  • I have an ornery almost 3 year old, who throws fits with the best of them, still enjoys her milk, talks like an adult, and loves anything disney princess..
  • I am still ready to get pregnant again
  • I am at a new job and I love it!  changing hospitals was exactly what I needed. 
  • I am going to be celebrating 5 years with my husband...  and we actually still love each other
Next year...
  • I hope to be blogging regularly and continue to build relationships and work on my writing and finding my voice.  I hope to take pictures, with an actual camera, and improve my picture taking abilities.  I hope to find the balance I need to reopen my shop and be successful
  • I hope to be decorating a nursery and bringing home a sibling to PJ
  • I hope I can continue to influence my daughter in good ways, that these terrible two's-I hope it doesn't get much worse three's will run their course 
  • I hope I will continue to love my job and maybe even drop down a day to spend more time at home
  • I hope that Phillip and I will be celebrating 6 years and that we are all healthy and happy and continue to Love!
 I am in a good place in my life and I am feeling very blessed. 
Where do you see yourself next year?
What will it take to get there?

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  1. so glad to see you back. I remember reading your blog last year and I've missed it. Glad all is wonderful.




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