Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My heart...

Happy Birthday to my love. my everything. my world.

You are growing too fast PJ.. when I tell you to slow down,
you say, "mom, I'll always be your baby"
and it melts my heart
you are obsessed with anything disney princess
you love to color and be crafty
you are so independent and prefer to do much everything on your own
you love to twirl in your dresses and skirts
you have the most amazing brown eyes and blonde hair
you make the sweetest faces even when you are crying
you love to dance and sometimes I think you may pop a hip out
you love to sing and make up your own songs
you want to be a cheerleader so bad you can't stand it
you are so proud of your big girl room and love to show it off
you make the everyday count
I love you so much


a full recap of the big girl birthday party coming soon,
and I'll reveal the secret I have been keeping!
{if you follow me on instagram, you probably all ready know}


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