Tuesday, December 11, 2012

yarn wreath + my little helper

I was super excited to do this post, one because I wanted a fun wreath for my vision of my Christmas mantle, and two because I am in love with my new camera and will take any excuse at shooting some pics...
and having the best assistant/wreath model around helps as well...

here goes...!

I bought the el cheapo wreath from wally-wold...
You know, the straw one that's like 2.99 or something crazy like that.
And I am so lazy, I didn't even take off the plastic wrap.
Hey, it worked out just fine.
I left it on because said cheap wreath sheds straw like mad...
So, dab a little hot glue on the backside of your wreath, place your yarn over glue,
and get to wrapping...
no exact measurements.
Eyeball it,
and be prepared for a nice forearm workout.
<finished yarn wrapped wreath>
modeled by the cutest 3 year old in her Ariel night-gown
that turns her into a princess when she wears it.
Yes, it's true.
I ripped a strip of my red stripe ticking for the wreath holder...
cut several olive green felt leaves
and a handful of red circles...
pinch leaves and add hot glue at the base to give them some dimension
hot glue leaves on just so
and then your red circles over top like that...
{good descriptions or what}
just peak at the picture...
it's pretty stinkin easy!
finished product, ready for hanging...
mine went to my mantle
on my picture frame turned chalk board
and I think it fits nicely up  there!
I've been trying to dabble in the whole chalk art thing...
the secret?
Hello! a chalk pen.
did you know about them?
I have been trying to write with my daughter's big, fat sidewalk chalk
and then wondering why the heck mine looks like poo.
yes, chalk pen
I love you!
Mommy, take my picture..
this I have been hearing a lot lately
she gives the cheesiest smiles ever
and I want to have every single one on camera
you know, for when she is in high school and I need leverage...

the time will come...
no but for real...
I love this little face
and never, ever want to forget it!

the skinny
wreath // 2.99 wally
yarn // sale 2.99 each
felt // .39 each

there you go,
make a wreath!
and retire the fatty sidewalk chalks and get a pen.
I'm pretty sure I am going to start painting walls in chalkboard paint
because I am officially obsessed!



  1. I just love the yarn wreath you made! I might have to do this & link it back to you!



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