Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12 days of DIY christmas lovelies // Yarn Christmas Tree's

I absolutely love to decorate my home for the Christmas season.
and being my first year in my new home,
I was ready to hit the ground running.
Being on a budget,
I decided to hand make some of my christmas lovelies this year.

and I kind of went, well, overboard...
I made A LOT of lovelies.
and thought why not share with you...
I will say, that most of these projects are super easy,
so follow along for the next 12 days,
as I kick of my 12 days of DIY christmas lovelies...

Let's start with these super easy and totally adorable
Yarn Christmas Tree's

You'll need
1.  a styrafoam cone {found in the floral dept of your craft store}
2. yarn {I used olive green, deep red, and a creamy white}
3.  a hot glue gun
4.  scissors

Now, I am sure there are about a hundred different ways to do these,
however, I love my hot glue gun and so I went that route...
start by adding a bead of hot glue around the base.
place your yarn around the base of the cone making sure to push it all the way along the bottom edge.
next, wrap your yarn around the cone.
no rhyme or reason here.
I quickly wrapped the yarn up about 4 inches and then I went back down, winding the yarn in layers to cover the empty spots where the styrafoam was.
I found doing this was easier than trying to be systematic and fill in the empty spaces as I went,
and also liked the look better.  It gave it more texture.
continue your wrapping method all the way up the cone,
once you get to the top
add some more hot glue,
and place your yarn in a circular shape at the top to secure it.
as long as you keep the yarn tight, no glue is needed in between

super easy! 
and the cost...
yarn // on sale at Joann's $2.99 each
cones // ranged from $3.99 - $6.99 each


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