Thursday, December 6, 2012

burlap tree skirt

All right friends,
I am super excited about this project,
because I am in love with how it turned out!
I needed a new tree skirt,
and I really wanted to go with the natural theme.
burlap, pinecones, rustic, greenery...
my last trip to Joann's
burlap was on sale for $2.49/yard
so I scored like um... 6 yards.
so without furthur ado,
let's make a tree skirt, shall we?
first, what you'll need
1.  burlap or any other fabric you want to use {at least 1 yard for your bottom layer and 1/2 yard for your top layer}
2.  red ticking or your own fabric choice to make into ruffles
3.  a sewing machine and thread
4.  scissors and straight pins

cut your first circle of burlap
I am totally lazy and just folded my fabric in half and eye-balled a circle
{keep in mind, I had no real plan in making this, but knew I needed some circles}

I just love this red burlap
and used this as my top layer.
I laid out the red burlap folded in half on top of my first circle
and again eye-balled it and cut another circle.

definitely not perfect
but that's ok
trust me! m'kay?
originally in my mind, I thought I would be done here, I even laid it under the tree,
and yikes, that looks terrible.
I needed to add some fun.
and what better way to do that than some lovely ruffles.
I had some red and white ticking that I decided to use for my ruffles.
I cut 4  2-inch strips for my bottom layer
and 3 for the top
run a baste stitch along one edge
and make your ruffles

love me some pretty ruffles.
I wanted frayed, natural edges so I didn't even hem mine

I cut a slit and a hole in the middle so that skirt could wrap around the tree.
I then sewed along the slit and hole to attach the 2 layers
then, go ahead and start pinning and sewing your ruffles in place.
this is where I was able to fix my less than perfect circles.

throw that baby under your tree...
pat yourself on the back...

burlap // 2.99 a yard on sale x 1 1/2 yards
ticking // 12.99 yard x 1/2 yard
thread 2.99


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