Saturday, December 8, 2012

noel canvas

How are all you lovely people this Saturday morning?  I am pumped it's the weekend and have a busy saturday in store for myself.  from car shopping, to christmas shopping, a little handmade shopping at the local holiday mart... {wow, thats a lot of shopping} and I may also see a little bud light and KU basketball in my future as well... WOO HOO Saturday!  and yes, I am still decorating for the holidays... because well, you just can't have enough holiday cheer in your home!

so, you want to make a super easy canvas to display for the holidays? 
well, here you go!

 first, gather your supplies.
you will need some pain, mod-podge, spongey paint brushes, scrabook paper, thin wood letters, a canvas and some scissors
 next, paint your canvas.  I chose red but you can do any color you'd like...
 I decided to leave the edges white in the hopes of mod-podging slivers of scrapbook paper.. you can do this or paint the sides..
 paint your letters... I knew in planning out my letters that I wanted the NO on top and the EL on the bottom to form a square... So I decided to pain the N and L in an olive green. let dry
 trace and cut out your O and E in scrapbook paper.
 now go ahead and put a layer of mod-podge down on your letter and then place your scrapbook paper and another of mod-podge on top of that..
 let dry
 postition your letters on your canvas.. once they are just right, hot glue them down.. {yes, they will stay}
 next, cut out some scrapbook strips and mod-podge them to the edges...
use a pretty plate stand and put it in your special place and there you go! 

canvas // 40% off at Joann 5.00
paint // .99 each
letters // 1/49 each
scrapbook paper // .49 each {it only took one sheet}

now get crafting and have a lovely Saturday...


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  1. This is so cute! I definitely need to make one. Found you from the mrs & momma

    Xo, B



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