Wednesday, July 6, 2011


the lovely lindsey over at the pleated poppy has a linky party {what I wore wednesday}... I decided to join in on the fun for several reasons..

I am so not in style anymore.. my pre-baby clothes.. just don't fit my style anymore, and my after-baby clothes.. well, they are lacking {to say the least}... thanks to my little sister and my go-to fashion lady at francesca's and some wonderful sales at Gap.. my wardwrobe is turning around a bit.. and it feels good to look good! so this, my friends, will hold me accountable to focus on me once in a while.

I have tons of lovelies on my wish list.. and slowly but surely I will have a stylin' mommy look! 

and because another big reason why my wardwrobe in lacking is because my daughter's wardwrobe is rockin'... she needs to be included too!

so... jumping on the what.we.wore bandwagon! 

{her~ tank-vintage baby gap aka hand me down | jeggings-old navy | cream ruffle sandals-old navy}

{me~ tank and white jeans-gap | flip flops-havianas | sunglasses-buckle}



  1. i am OBSESSED with your little girls outfit! and yours is super cute too!! i'm in the same boat with my clothes. regaining your style after having a baby is hard!!

  2. thanks girl.. it is so hard!! I need to find my style again...

  3. you look super.summer.cute. great fit on pants! :)



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