Saturday, July 23, 2011


this week.  I am just exhausted.  I have hardly been on my laptop.  I missed all my fave linky parties.  I have unopened emails, etsy convos...  I worked extra at the hospital {in case you were wondering, this 100 + degree heat, yea, causes mom's, all of them, to go into labor}.  all because...

my house is officially for sale...
tiles scrubbed, cabinets polished, stainless steal buffed, comet cleaning, toilet washing, laundry folding, windexing, dusting, vaccumming fool... but all worth it, because there is a sign in my front yard that says "FOR SALE"  kind of a sad but happy thing.  we brought our baby home to this house, our first house as a married couple, the tree's in the back yard planted when I was pregnant, the holiday's, the love, the laughter.  many memories...

but now, it's time to make memories at a new place. 

It's been a great little house.. but time to move on!

catching up on emails and the like as we speak.  if you haven't heard from me. or haven't received an order.. just yell at me.. I will get to it asap!  today and tomorrow are about catching up!



  1. I am excited for your next journey for you!! xxoo

    Classic & Bubbly

  2. Without being creepy (as I think we have a mutual friend in Jolene C.) I would love to see more pics of your home and where it is at as we are thinking about putting our house on the market... :)



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