Tuesday, July 26, 2011

to the {little} love of my life...

my dearest baby girl...

everyone told me it would happen, "she will grow up before you know it."  I knew it would go fast, but never imagined this fast.  you still have so much more to grow and I am so excited to witness every second. 

I love you with all my heart!  21 months ago... I fell in love with you and never, ever did I know that a love this great existed. 

my heart melts every time you say, "I wuvv you!"  and each kiss you give and then say "one more."  a game I could play forever.. I love the way you say names of the people you love, and the way you adore your aunt lauren.  I love your facial expressions and the silly dances you always do whenever you hear music.  I love when you get in trouble and you know it and you go sit in "time out" without being asked.  I love when we walk into baby Gap and you pick out something, hold it up and say "ahh, cute." I love when you hair is in your eyes and the way you sweep it off your face.  I love that you beg {all the time} to brush your teets with your Dora toothbrush.  I love when your favorite cartoons come on and you know the characters and get so excited. and I love those pigtails in your blonde hair...  I never, ever want to forget these little things that make my heart grow bigger and remind me how lucky I am to have such a sweet little girl in my life.

I wuvv you baby girl!



  1. Awe, how so very sweet! Your daugther is adorable!

  2. So sweet! She is adorable.

  3. She's such a little doll! How sweet!



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