Monday, July 4, 2011

happy FIREWORKS day!!

the 4th of July at our house is a huge holiday.. of course we celebrate our freedom, and feel blessed to live in the country we do.. we thank all of the men and women that fight to keep my family safe and able to live everyday freely, a special thanks to my friend Mark, the bravest, most dedicated marine, and someone I am proud to call my best friend!! 

for my husband, {we will call him the pyro in this post} it is like christmas morning all over again... he LOVES fireworks.. loves to shoot them, loves to plan his shows, loves, loves, loves!  yes, by far his favorite holiday...

so happy 4th to all of you... you know what WE HE will be doing here.. that's right, FIREWORKS!!

I still love him even though my yard is covered in firework debris, I smell like a smoke bomb, my daughter {not a fan} slept in my bed last night which means NO ONE {except her} got any sleep...  it's only once a year.. let the mister have his fun!  {is what I tell myself}...
we truly had a wonderful holiday with family and friends and great food and did I mention FIREWORKS...


taking this week off {12 weeks to better photos} to celebrate
keep practicing and plan to meet back here next monday...
I am so excited about my guest blogger for next week's lesson!


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  1. Well, of course! Hope you have a wonderful day :)



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