Monday, July 25, 2011

lesson 8: portraits...

I may be a little out of order on my weeks, but then I thought, hey this is my photog party and I will {do} what I want, right?... so if your into details.. yes, I rearranged on purpose!

this lesson content found here, has to be beneficial to each and everyone of us.  most of the time, I would say, it is safe to assume we all are taking pictures of SOMEONE.. whether it be ourselves, our husbands, kids, friends, family.. I think you will find these tips helpful, and the fabulous Laura Winslow is here to help us take those shots from wow to wowza's...

first, meet the lovely LAURA!

tell us a little about yourself and how you got started with photography?
I am a custom portrait photographer in the Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona area with a modern and fresh style.

what is your favorite shoot? newborns? kids? maternity? ??
I adore everything that I photograph because it is such a fun creative process, but I simply adore photographing children.  There is just something just so special about capturing their curiosity, innocence and unique perspective on life.  I feel so fortunate to be able to capture children just as they are at that stage in life--drool running out of their toothless-grinning mouths, toddling toward their moms, timidly staring at  you from behind their father's legs,  zooming a car over the sidewalk or exploring nature. There is just something so simplistic yet very complex at the same time about little ones. I have a great passion for it.

{check out these AWmazing portraits Laura did for The Pink Jellybean}

how do you stay inspired and continue to shoot such creative pictures?
I love finding inspiration in the everyday and the ordinary. What can I take that I look at everyday and create with it? I also find inspiration in locations--the textures, the untamed and the rawness of overlooked locations draw me in and I find great inspiration in them.

any advice for those of us that are just using a DSLR camera for the first time?
Really it sounds trite, but practice, practice, practice!  Read some of the infinite number of tutorials online, find ones that work for you and have fun with it!  Photography is a continual learning process--once you have command over manual shooting, then you will want to add in more creativity with your shooting.  That is the fun in it--the possibilities are really endless. 

sum it up for us?  portraits?  any tips for better shots?
Once you practice to a certain point, you will come to learn what you really love to photograph and what you would prefer not to.  Your style will begin to develop--try not to get too caught up in the latest trends or what you think you should be doing.  Be confident and go with what you love.  Try not to become frustrated or discouraged by looking at the work of others that you think you should emulate.  Admire but be true to yourself.  As far as tips for better shots, some to consider:
1. Get off auto and learn manual
2. Pay attention to light everywhere and how it affects your shots
3. Be aware of what else is in your shot
4. Get on eye level with your subject--don't be afraid to move! I am quite the sight to see during my photo sessions! I am all over the ground and in crazy positions just to gain a different perspective!
5. Seek out new locations in the mundane.
6. Have fun!

talk about inspiring.. if only I lived in Arizona, right?  I love peaking at Laura's work through her blog, and find her words inspiring through her facebook.  She's got this whole photography thing down and is truly someone to be inspired by.  thanks Laura for sharing your insight!

you guys, check her out if you haven't all ready.. get ready to be blown away!

I did the challenge this week at my little brother's baseball game and here's what I came up with!

my portrait. of little brother's pitching sequence...

my group shot.. I love the perspective.. he had a big hit and the crowd was congratulating him

the littlest fan cheering on her uncle alex...with a fun outdoor backdrop

and a big win!  in black and white

so, until next time, and like Laura said.. practice, practice, practice!



  1. great blog post today. starting photography myself this is all great advice! love the shots of your brother.


    Classic & Bubbly

  2. Love Laura Winslow! Great tips. And, your dresses?!?!? SO cute! Love them, you are SO talented. I just checked out your etsy shop and I am swooning from all the pretty. I will be ordering some things for my 2 girls in the next month. LOVE!



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