Friday, July 8, 2011


you just feel a need to do something...
to make the world a better place!

no matter how small...
a change,
is a change!
and every little bit helps!

Miss Ashley, over at The Shine Project
is all about making a change!
and I decided to join her...
in her Change for Change campagn
to raise $10,000 for scholarship money...

that's right, I am 1 of 100 people
taking a $100 pledge!

want to help?
there is a donation tab in the right side bar...
10% of all sales from the pink jellybean will go into this pledge
as well as change jars locally!
or stop by Ashley's blog
and take your own pledge!

{my change jars ~ spray painted* white | fabric covered lids | change 4 change tag }

*learn from my mistake and be sure to compensate for over-spray.. neither my garage floor nor my hubby is pleased with the white "artwork" oopsie!  all for a good cause right!

 and guess what... Ashley will be stopping by next week to tell us more about her inspiring blog...
and a GIVEAWAY...
so excited!

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