Monday, November 5, 2012

the biggest thing I ever MADE...

Well, not me exactly.
No, a lot of contractors, and guys who have crazy amazing talents..
That's right!
I {well, we} built a house
and it's to date the biggest thing I have ever made.
Yes, I will go ahead and take credit from here on out.
You know why?
Because building a house is a roller coaster of emotions...
It's fun, scary, pricey, unknown, unsure...
but now... ALL WORTH IT.
Last year about this time, we decided, "let's put our house on the market and see what happens?"
We lived near our hometown, but not in. 
And we knew at some point before the peanut starting school,
We would have to move to get in the school district.
So may as well start, Right?
Lucky for us, our house sold, happy dance...
However, and maybe I was being too picky, but I just couldn't find the one!
I wanted to find a house where we could expand our family, and live there until our kids were grown... and while there were several that could have worked.. I just never had that A-HA moment.  At about the same time when I was starting to think I would have to settle, our realtor mentioned that a new builder in the area was going to be building in the neighborhood that was our #1 pick...
{funny how things just seem to work out.}
But wait, ummm...  What do we know about building a house? And isn't that ridiculously expensive.. We were clueless, but, we had a meeting with a builder.  He said all the right things and more importantly all the right numbers, made it sound terrific, we negotiated, agreed on price and a few short weeks later, were signing papers and writing checks.
The process itself, is pretty crazy.  I was absolutely in awe of how fast things went.  I mean of course I drove by everyday to check out that days work and yes, took pictures of every step.  I am sure the guys who worked on my house were very appreciative of the many pictures and drive-by's that I did. NOT 
We were able to pick paint colors, tile, floors, cabinets, carpet, where we wanted electric outlets.. Ahh.. It was overwhelming to say the least.  BUT, I think we did a pretty good job because I love how it all came together.  I am a very indecisive person and sometimes I would think "OMGee, is this all going to look ok together, maybe we should change fill in the blank
All in all, the building took a mere 4 months to complete in the dead of winter, might I add.. 
We had so much love and support during this process.  From our extremely considerate friends who took us in during this time and made the best roomies, and for my dad, who did all the dirt work and dug the basement and saved us a         S!%* ton of moolah... thanks daddy-o..!
The first choice that we would make..  Where would we build our house?  We knew the neighborhood, but which lot?  hmm... hard choice.  Ultimately, we went with the biggest back yard and with neighbors all around so that we wouldn't have to be in a construction zone in the future as more houses were built. 
Isn't it purdy?  Our little peice of real-estate.  The place that would soon house our family and memories for years to come!  
You see that giant pile of rock?  Ya, well that's not good.  Makes the basement harder to dig and will automatically up charge the price of your home.. I remember when signing our contract, the little clause at the bottom that said something to the effect of 'this price not reflective of rock removal including jack-hammering, ram-something or other'...I looked at the hubbs and said, "will we hit rock?"  His answer, no there are houses all around, we will be fine.  And, well we sure did!  So, thanks again daddy and sorry to my neighbors.. oops! 
and there's our basement... ^
The builder told us that his guys would have the house framed in about 4 days.. 4 days?  We called his bluff, no way! 
In one day! 
we came to check the process and this was what was done! 
holy smokes...  impressed!
Freshly painted, and trimmed and cabinets in place...
We were turning cart-wheels this day! 
yes in the house...
All buttoned up as the hubbs called in.. roof on, sealed, no water can get in, and best of all..
It looks like an actual house. 
And with the exterior paint color we chose...
I learned a lot during this process, like I will never do it again! {ok, ok, it wasn't that bad} 
 Can I tell you what I did for 4 months while living with friends?  I pinned and searched and dreamed and decorated and re-decorated and shopped... now that we are in the house, I am continually decorating and DIY-ing to get it just right, but it is a process.  And I am on a budget {who isn't?} I would love to share my decorating, room by room, because that is pretty much what I am up to these days.  This house. Oh yea, and a puppy and a 3 year old! 
The hubbs and I love to DIY and have really done some incredible things to the house.  I'm a pretty lucky gal to have a hubbs that can pretty much make anything I ask him to and he has pretty good house sense too {like fashion sense, but only with a house, you get it?} I can't wait to share some of his projects as well.
So tune in for what's to come. Hopefully, you can find some inspiration and some decorating.on.a.budget tips and projects as well.
All righty my little lovelies..
The little sugar dumpling is with grandma this morning, which means I have a few hours to myself...
And what does every momma do when their little one is out of the house?
Yes, we crank the tunes and clean like mad crazy because it is the only time that after you are done cleaning, everything is actually still put away?
Uh-huh, momma's.. I see you shaking your heads!
and Dixie land delight is on just in time...
off to pat my knee obnoxiously and skip around the house while doing a little dusting.
It's the little things!


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