Monday, November 19, 2012

a little blog stalking + and a wishlist

I haven't had any time to post on my own blog because I have been too busy stalking reading thoroughly, the comments section to one of my fave's bloggity blog living in yellow | secret post.  If you haven't heard or read this blog or particularly this post... head on over.  BUT do so when you have some time on your hands.  It will take weeks a few hours and a lot of laughs, tears, angers... It's that real!

My own confession.. I am in love with Christmas. 
No, I wasn't always a Christmas lover... not until my precious bundle of joy showed up did it become such a special holiday to me...  I love to see her face on Christmas morning.   I love decorating my house, glee Christmas on Pandora, Christmas baking, outdoor lights... It really is the best time of the year. {besides the frigid cold temps. ugh!}

The other fun with Christmas is the shopping that ensues.  Yes, it's fun BUT it's also friggin expensive.  Every year, I promise myself that I AM NOT GOING TO SPEND THAT MUCH ON CHRISTMAS.  Because frankly, we just don't need the stuff.  We just celebrated a birthday for one, and the amount of items that my 3 years old receives from family is beyond impressive.  I still have toys from last year that haven't even made it out of the boxes..

So this year... I AM NOT SPENDING THAT MUCH ON CHRISTMAS.  I don't want a spoiled brat on my hands here ya'll. 

The hubbs and I rarely, ok maybe the first year we were married, exchange Christmas presents.  My husband is a tight a*@ doesn't like to spend money, which is a good thing because I love to spend money, so we balance each other out.  With that being said, I am ok with focusing our funds on our little because isn't that how it should be? 

But, in case anyone wants to know, I do have a secret little wishlist that if anyone was buying me presents, or if I had some extra moolah laying around I would buy myself a little som'n som'n. {and no that's not a hint to the hubbs}  As I was saying, I'm dying over this bag from better life bags.  I have been eyeing it for a while and one day, yes, one day she will be mine!  I'd take this little cutie too.  Yes!  And the fact that you get to customize your bag with her fabric choices and that it's handmade, and the whole story behind her shop.  I love!

I'm really digging leopard these days.  Like really... -------------------------------->>>>>
like this watch or these shoes.  Loving that leopard goes with practically anything and looks too dang cute!  I have a leopard scarf and I wear it like for reals.  speaking of clothes, perhaps I should quit drooling and do the mountain of dirty laundry I have laying around.  Yes, that is definitely what I should be doing.

Oh! and I have a semi-important announcement this week.. you won't want to miss.

and because what's a blog post without a random date night instagram photo?  here you go!  you're welcome.  and that would be said leopard scarf again.  Yes.  and my mountain man and his no shave November addition to his face {is it almost December yet?} 

Ok laters lovelies...


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